Are Millennials More Eco-conscious Than Baby Boomers

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Are Millennials More Eco-conscious Than Baby Boomers

For the past several years, homeowners have been trying hard to make a lesser impact when it comes to their homes. This is evident in the choices of materials, equipment, and even way of buying, building, and improving their homes. But it is true that millennials are the more eco-conscious of them all?

Most Gen-Yers as Advocates of Sustainability and Everything Green

According to the New York Post, millennials try more things that are eco-friendly than the older generations. Most Gen-Yers choose to do business with eco-friendly and sustainable brands. They are also the generation that feels guiltier when making purchases that are not considered eco-friendly.

One of the factors that make millennials seem more eco-conscious is their thinking that more is not always necessarily better. A survey by the Bank of West says 46% of Gen-Yers are still renting their homes while 42% are already homeowners. However, millennials are not only buying houses. They are buying tinier homes that are also energy-efficient.

Gen-Yers and Gen-Xers have different tastes when it comes to choosing their homes. For many years, Baby Boomers have been buying larger and more expensive houses. For millennials, they are opting for smaller, more modest homes that are also more affordable. This can be attributed to the fact that millennials are more price-conscious.

Gen-Yers are also inclined to buy or rent houses that are eco-friendly and efficient. They put their money on home improvements that don’t only look good for their social media accounts. They also invest in projects that increase the value of their property and those that make their homes more energy-efficient. They are invested in insulated roofing systems, eco-friendly appliances, and sustainable materials, to name a few.

How Technology Is Helping Millennials Become More Eco-conscious


Millennials grew up with an abundance of technology around them. This is a perk that is undeniably a great advantage that Baby Boomers are only taking advantage of now. Since many Gen-Yers have earlier access to technology, they find searching for information easier than it was before. The availability of the more eco-friendly and energy-efficient innovations also make it easier for millennials to make more eco-conscious choices.

Thanks to the Internet, millennials can be more conscious of the complex issues surrounding the planet. With one quick research, one can already learn more about proper waste disposal, global warming, and climate change. With a few taps, one can already discover which companies are truly eco-friendly and which only practice greenwashing techniques.

PEW research shared that nearly 100% of Gen-Yers are Internet users. Thanks to the Internet, one can quickly find answers to their questions. Millennials don’t only use the Internet to buy the things they need. They also make great use of their time researching before buying. Gen-Yers don’t simply choose to buy online because it takes less effort and is more convenient. They also make sure to compare products and brands before buying.

Millennials are trying hard in changing the world into a better place. This is not to say that the other generations are not doing their part. But if there is one thing for certain, it is this. The availability of technology makes it easier, no matter the generation to make better and eco-friendlier choices.

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