Stop Sabotaging Your Foot Health by Avoiding These Five Habits

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Stop Sabotaging Your Foot Health by Avoiding These Five Habits

Our feet receive their daily beating from all the standing, running, and walking we do each day. But did you know that some of your habits do more harm than good to your feet? Wearing the right pair of shoes and giving our feet the proper care they need are a must. But sometimes, even our innocent habits can kill our feet’s health.

For instance, removing corns or trying to treat your athlete’s foot on your own may lead to further damage. This is why podiatrists exist. Take note that you cannot treat all foot issues with natural remedies and over-the-counter medications. Wonder what other seemingly harmless habits can sabotage your foot health?

Wearing only flat shoes

Many people think that resorting to flat shoes is the best way they can give their feet a break from pain-inducing high heels. But in reality, only flat shoes that offer the right amount of arch support are good for your feet. If your flat shoes of choice offer minimal to no support, then it is best to ditch them. Go for shoes with a cushioned base, and you can avoid foot pain, heel spurs, and adult acquired flatfoot.

Training barefoot

Some people are now embracing barefoot training. While walking barefoot has its pros and cons, running without any shoes on puts more stress on your poor feet. Remember that when you run, your feet have to take an impact equal to three to four times your total weight. Imagine running and training barefoot without any supportive shoes on. If you want to keep up with such a trend, then strengthen your feet first.

Saying yes to foot spas

Do you often find yourself craving for foot spas on weekends? Then it would be best to skip them. Remember that salons use the same basin for all of their customers. One can never tell if these are cleaned and sanitized after each customer. If you decide for a foot spa, make sure that you inspect your feet and skip the pedicure if you have any open wound or bites on your feet.

Drinking too much alcohol

Alcohol abuse won’t only have a significant impact on your heart, liver, kidneys, and immune system. Even your feet can suffer from long-term alcohol abuse. It can make you feel a tingling sensation in your limbs or a burning sensation in your feet. Some may even experience nerve damage, resulting in decreased sensation in your hands and feet. For best results, start drinking moderately.

Cigarette smoking


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That’s right. Smoking is not only bad for your heart and lungs. It can also cause foot problems, as this puts you at risk of Buerger’s disease and gangrene. If you don’t want any pain, clotting, or inflammation in your feet, then you should quit smoking. Your doctor can help you with your plan to quit smoking. They can prescribe several medications that can help you lessen, if not minimize, your nicotine cravings.

These are just some of the surprising but common things we do that can harm our foot health. Sometimes, our vices are also the reason we experience foot pain and discomfort. Other times, the way we pamper our feet and the little decisions we make can harm our feet.

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