Building a Home Gym: What Should You Have in It?

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Building a Home Gym: What Should You Have in It?

The pandemic hit a lot of businesses. From restaurants to offices, almost every industry was hit. One of the most affected industries was the fitness industry. Gyms are forced to close temporarily, as being around people in a closed environment is too risky. However, the fitness industry rebounded, with many fitness instructors offering online coaching lessons.

But one problem many fitness enthusiasts face is the lack of training equipment. Not everyone was able to invest in their own personal gym. After all, fitness centers have everything you need, and most areas have a bunch of gyms nearby. However, the comforts of having a home gym are undeniable. Even with society slowly opening up, the pandemic is still at large, and building your own gym is an investment that will treat you well for years to come anyway.

Of course, when going out to buy the materials you need, don’t forget to suit up with your personal protective equipment (PPE). Wear your KN95 respirators, face shield, and gloves, too, especially since you might be touching a lot of products. Alternatively, you can order equipment online, but it’s also great to have touched or experienced the items you’ll be buying.

Let’s start talking about how you can build your gym.

Essential Items

These items should be among the first things you procure, as having them would truly make your home gym work. They’re fundamental, yes, but that means they’re that important.

Rubber Flooring. You need some flooring protection, preferably the rubber kind. Not only to avoid loud clanging of weights when you drop them, but also because you’ll be moving around a lot, and the last thing you want is to trip and hurt yourself. There are block-type rubber mats, or you can also opt for martial arts-style puzzle mats.

First Aid Kit. This goes without saying, as everyone knows the dangers of working out. You never know what can happen during your workout sessions. And if something does ever happen, it’s best to have something to address injuries immediately.

A Dumbbell Set. One of the most convenient pieces of exercise equipment you can have is a dumbbell set. It doesn’t have to be a huge collection of weights and handles; a couple of five to ten plates and a pair of handles will do quite a lot already.

Resistance Bands. Although you already have a dumbbell set, having resistance bands can help you hit areas you won’t normally hit with dumbbells. You can use resistance bands as pulling equipment, among other exercises—a must-have on any home gym builder’s list.

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On the To-buy List

You might not want to buy everything in one go, preferring to save up money or slowly purchase the things you need. That’s also fine, and these items are the ones that you should save up for next.

Squat Rack. Many people assume that squats don’t need much equipment. That’s true if you’re doing bodyweight squats, but for any form of weight squat, a squat rack is the safest way to go about it. Ideally, the squat rack you purchase should also have a pull-up bar attached to it, as it gives it more utility- especially with how much space it can consume.

Bench. Who doesn’t like bench presses? A flat bench on its own is something you should invest in the moment you’re able to. Just a flat bench alone can be used for many exercises if you’re clever enough. However, if you find a bench that can be turned to both an incline and flat bench, go for it.

Barbells and Plates. Of course, with a flat bench, you need a barbell and some plates to go with it. But as everyone knows, barbells are among the most versatile pieces of fitness tools. Make sure to get yourself a considerably wide variety of handles, along with a decent distribution of plates. You don’t need 100 lbs plates immediately. Consider going for multiple 25 lbs plates as it allows you more freedom to control the weights you use.

Good to Have, but Not Priority

These items add value and comfort to your gym, but they’re not very necessary. Consider getting them only when you can.

  • Punching bag and gloves
  • Kettlebells (although if you’re a competitive athlete, this should be high up in the essentials)
  • Rings
  • Pulley machines for lat pulldowns or tricep pulldowns
  • A stationary bike

Home gyms can be surprisingly affordable, especially if you know what you need. Do think of building one for yourself. Especially since it helps you stay safe and avoid having to go to crowded places.

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