Three Business Ideas That Resonate Clean Living

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Three Business Ideas That Resonate Clean Living

In recent times, people have become more aware of what they are putting inside of their bodies. This is no longer about cutting out empty calories by lessening the consumption of junk food, but promoting mindful habits as a consumer with access to clean options.

This movement gave rise to what is known as clean eating, which means that people are consuming whole, unprocessed, unrefined, and nutrient-rich foods instead of taking what’s readily available. People who have started a clean eating diet may begin to consume more organic vegetables, proteins, fruits, and whole grain.

But cleanliness is not limited to what people eat. There’s a term called “body burden,” and it’s used to refer to the harmful chemical buildup inside a person’s body, which they can get from the toxic chemicals in the food and drinks they consume, the air they breathe, or the products that touch their skin.

If you want to advocate for clean living for yourself and others, you can begin a business that promotes these healthy benefits. Living a clean lifestyle can be done by changing what people consume, but it can be reinforced by controlling what products they use in their everyday lives. Here are three business ideas for you to get started:

Personal Care

When it comes to taking care of the body, there are no genders. Men, women, and everyone in between can benefit from having their bodies pampered through a luxurious time at the salon or a spa. You can enter the industry of personal care by starting a nail and beauty bar franchise that only uses natural products.

This is because traditional nail polishes are filled with toxic chemicals that can be inhaled by those who use them. Salons that don’t care much about the transfer of bacteria through their equipment can also be the source of unhealthy chemicals and pathogens in the body.

However, if you started a business that not only properly sanitizes and disinfects the equipment, but also uses non-toxic nail polishes, then you can help more people live a clean life. This way, you can influence more people to start living clean and healthy through their personal care routines.

Food Safety


Food is an essential part of life, and it’s also the primary change that a person has to undergo to start a clean living. But all that healthy change can be worthless if the utensils and cookware that people use can transfer harmful chemicals into the food that people eat.

It’s a known fact that bisphenol A or BPA, an industrial chemical found in plastics and resins, harms the human body when consumed. The accumulation of BPA inside the body can affect brain development, disrupt hormone production, and affect fertility.

This means that people who want to eat clean will have to forego food sold in plastic packaging and tin cans. They also can’t store their food at home in plastic containers as this can simply be replaced with BPA alternatives.

There are also toxic chemicals in creating non-stick pans and pots, which can then be transferred to the food people consume. To respond to the problems, you can sell containers and cookware using BPA-free materials such as glass, cast iron, ceramic, or stainless steel at an affordable price for your customers.

Household Products

The products people used to clean their houses aren’t necessarily clean. This is because most traditional cleaners use a mixture of chemicals to achieve the desired “clean” effects, but there are much safer alternatives to those that aren’t harmful to the body.

To accommodate this need, you can create your own cleaning products using natural and eco-friendly solutions. You might need to research what ingredients or materials you can use to make this happen, but once you’ve found your solution, you can save lives by selling your products.

You can create non-toxic dish soaps, stain removers, or even detergents. All these can find a way to enter the body because people touch many surfaces when they are at home, wear laundered clothes, and eat using washed plates.

But if you were to sell organic, non-toxic, and natural cleaners at a reasonable price, you could help people lessen their body burden by cutting out the harmful chemicals in everyday products. This can also be an excellent way to start using eco-friendly products in your home so that you won’t need to rely on store-bought alternatives.

Clean living is a way of life. It’s no longer limited to the diet that people abide by because it can affect everything, from what people breathe to how they clean themselves. It’s only fitting to find solutions to the problems that people don’t even know they are dealing with daily.

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