Sprucing Up Your Home During Winter: What You Need to Do

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Sprucing Up Your Home During Winter: What You Need to Do

Although spring is the popular season for home upgrades, that doesn’t mean you can spruce up your home during other seasons—including winter! Even though it’s not advisable to do outdoor home upgrades during wintertime, you can always take advantage of your time indoors and make a couple of improvements for a total home winter makeover, making it cozier and livelier.

Here are seven easy ways to spruce up your home for the winter.

Paint the Rooms

A great home project that can spruce up your home for the winter season is painting different rooms in your house. Just make sure you take the time to choose the “right” color for the room since it can affect the mood of the entire space and your feelings. For instance, red is often used in food establishments as it’s a popular stimulating color, raising energy and excitement. There’s a broad range of colors to choose from, so feel free to be creative and experiment.

However, since you’re going to be doing this during the winter, it’s best to have silicone coating systems on your roof to patch up potential leaks to avoid any mishaps while repainting a room.

Lighting Up Your Home

The best way to spruce up your home while staying true to the whole holiday season during wintertime is installing new lighting fixtures, lamps, or ceiling fans. Doing this can brighten up your home even under the gloomy winter skies, making it more welcoming and lively. Additionally, if you have a fireplace, it’s best to add artwork above it to light up your home.

Upgrade Hardware

Replacing hardware throughout your home, such as doors, can help you give your home a subtle home renovation without spending too much, making it more appealing for the holiday season. Although you can replace old doors, sometimes, buying new doorknobs and hinges with new colors is enough to liven up any space.

Change Carpets and Curtains

Changing your curtains and carpets are simple ways to make your home more lively during the typically gloomy winter season. It’s best to pick one room to focus on to give you more space for creativity. However, if you’re looking to liven up your home, change all the carpets in your home to evoke a fresher feeling and renewed sense of comfort. Just make sure to choose carpets that are perfect for the actual room and work well with its furnishings.

Meanwhile, changing your window treatments during the winter is a great way to liven up your space, and an easy way to do this is changing the curtains with custom-made ones to help you modify each room. Although the ultimate choice will be yours, choosing lighter curtain colors is ideal for smaller spaces as they can make any room bigger as they allow more light to come on. In contrast, large rooms work best with darker colored curtains to make the vast space more cozy and homely.

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Organize Cluttered Spaces

No matter the season, there’s bound to be clutter somewhere in a home, and to spruce up your home in the winter, it’s best to start down and work your way up. That’s because, after a busy spring and summer, your basement will likely have the most clutter. You can organize these things into different bins and boxes, label them “keep,” “throw away,” and “donate.”

Add Flowers Throughout Your Home

Like how you’d paint a room, adding flowers can positively affect the feelings and emotions of anyone who goes into a room—and flowers can stimulate the sense of smell. So, it’s best if you choose the flowers for your space more thoroughly. They’ll have an immediate impact on most visitors to your home, so this winter, it’s best to evoke some of those feelings by using the flower “Diamond Frost” to make your home glow.

Give the Kitchen a Makeover

Without turning this idea into a whole makeover, you can give your kitchen an upgrade by changing the cabinets’ hardware, like the pulls and knobs, repaint them, or simply sand and stain them to make them look brand new for the winter. If you’re a bit of a handyman, you can also upgrade your faucet and skin to give the space a more “updated” look, amply preparing it for the busy holiday season.

Nowadays, over 90% of people spend their time indoors. When winter arrives, that figure naturally increases as more individuals spend more time indoors to avoid the cold snow, making cold weather synonymous with staying in. So, what better way to spend your time inside your home than making some improvements? And the ideas mentioned help upgrade your home’s functionality and appeal.

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