Buying a Car: Learn How to Close a Good Deal

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Buying a Car: Learn How to Close a Good Deal

Buying a car may seem simple. All you have to do is to walk into the dealer lot and choose a vehicle. But that is only if you have unlimited funds. Many people have to worry about how much they will spend on their cars. There are several ways you can pull down the price of your purchase, but one of the best ones is to negotiate with your car dealer.

Unfortunately, not everyone can talk rings around people. Here are some tips on what you should be doing to get a good deal:

Show That You Are Willing to Walk Away

When you are negotiating, always be aware that you can walk away. There are other dealers out there if you feel that the price on offer is not good for you. Indicate your hesitance about the deal but let yourself be open to whatever offer the dealer has. Dealers can see whether you are thinking of walking away from a purchase. It depends on how badly they want the deal. Note that car prices are often higher than they should be, but you also need to understand that the dealer needs to make a profit. Think about what would be a fair price and try to aim for that.

Always Ask Questions

Many people are afraid to ask questions and let the dealer drone on. But you must ask questions. This allows you to get some words in and can give you additional information on your potential purchase. It might also reveal some deals and discounts. Questions can also indicate to the dealer your doubts so that they are more willing to let the car go for a lower price.

For example, some dealers such as Giltrap Volkswagen may offer better finance options for a Volkswagen while others will favor another brand. It all depends on the deals they have with the make. That is why you need to ask for what they can offer.

Mileage is Important


If you are buying a used car, one of the questions you should ask is about mileage. This is a great way to lower the price. If the car has a ton of miles, then it means it has already gone through much. You can point to that as a negotiation point. You can also use it as a comparison point. When there are two cars you are thinking of buying, then you should pick the one with lower mileage unless you can get a really good deal for your purchase.

Time Your Visit Right

Car dealers have a quota on their sales. That is why they will often get desperate when it is the end of the month, quarter, or year. These are the perfect times to visit. You should walk in willing to buy, but have a target price in mind. Try to negotiate towards your target instead of going too low.

A car may be a major purchase, but you don’t want to spend too much on it. That is why you must negotiate a good deal with the car dealer. The tips above should allow you to walk away from the negotiation with fewer or no regrets at all. Keep them in mind when you are looking for your new car.

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