Camping with a Non-Camper: 6 Things to Bring That Will Make Them More Comfortable

woman standing in front of a lake with a camping tent behind her

Camping with a Non-Camper: 6 Things to Bring That Will Make Them More Comfortable

Just because your friend hates the idea of camping doesn’t mean they detest the great outdoors. What they’re likely against is the idea of intentionally making themselves face several discomforts just to see a beautiful sunrise or a breathtaking view of the mountain. This is why, if you’re intent on camping with this friend, you’re better off making compromises than forcing them into the traditional camping that you’re used to. 

You can start by bringing items that are sure to minimize or eliminate the things they dread most about the experience. There are six items in particular that can deliver the best comfort and improve their time outdoors.

Box Trailers

It’s a frequently overlooked fact in camping guides that packing your gear can be stressful. It’s not just about identifying which sweater and lamp you’ll need, but hauling every necessary object into your vehicle while making sure nothing gets broken. When you’re neither skilled nor equipped in this area, this can quickly dampen your spirits and discourage your non-camper friends.

Fortunately, the solution is simple: high-quality box trailers. There are numerous sellers that can give you box trailers of every kind. Using one saves time and space, which will make your pre-camping experience much more relaxed. Moreover, it’ll keep your valuables safe and in good condition throughout your trip. This means you’ll not only get more leg space in your car but also enjoy a road trip that is worry-free from start to finish, regardless of where in Australia your campground is.

Glamping Tent

One of the best ways to bribe your non-camping friends to go camping with you is by using a glamping tent. You can either invest in one or choose camping sites that have them set up and ready for occupancy.

Glamping is basically camping but with more luxury. It won’t challenge your friends as much as traditional camping will, because the beds aren’t on the damp soil, and they’ll have enough space to stretch and move around in their big tents. The idea is that they won’t be completely cut off from what’s familiar while still getting a good dose of the things they’re unfamiliar with in the great outdoors.

Portable Futon

Camping chairs are not made equal, and if you’re stuck with one that’s uncomfortable, you’re not going to enjoy sitting around the campfire with your perfectly burnt marshmallow. Ditch your typical folding chairs (or just bring two instead of five) and go for a portable futon instead. It’s a luxury that you’ll undoubtedly enjoy as well while you’re watching the sun go down behind the silhouette of mountain ranges in the distance. The best part is that you can buy one that can be used as a couch, split into different seats, or converted into a bed.

Fire Pit

You can try teaching your friend how to start a campfire, but if they can’t do it or it’s not enough to provide warmth, you’ll want to have a fire pit with you. A fire pit is a stress-free way of getting enough light and warmth on a chilly night without putting in so much work to keep it going.

In case you’re looking to impress, there are fire pits that have come with grills and charging ports. A quality fire-pit can make any non-camper feel confident to not only take care of the fire but to cook for everyone for the duration of your trip.

Coffee Kit

friends having coffee while camping

No matter how many cool camping gear you bring, forgetting to cater to your friend’s morning coffee can ruin your efforts. There’s simply nothing better than waking up in the morning to freshly brewed coffee that isn’t swimming with grounds. There are kits available in the market that come with electric kettles and pour-over drippers. Once you’ve tasted excellent coffee while camping, even you won’t go back to your old ways.

Wheeled Coolers

Traditional coolers can, well, make you lose your cool. There’s just nothing fun about hauling several kilograms’ worth of food and booze as you try to find a good site to settle down. Remember, you’ll want to reduce the manual labor required in this camping trip, which is why it’s essential that you replace your cold cooler with the wheeled variety. This is especially useful if the non-camper you’re tagging along has back problems or can’t carry the weight you do.

While this may not be the kind of camping you had in mind, what’s important is that you get to spend quality time outdoors with people you love. A little compromise here and there for their convenience and happiness doesn’t really hurt when you see that they’re having a good time.

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