A Safer Home Is a Better Home


A Safer Home Is a Better Home

Accidents at home can happen even in the most diligent families, no matter how hard we try to keep our domestic environment as safe as possible.

When it comes to the health of our families, particularly those with small children, it makes sense to be prepared for these frequent situations. Homes in the United States, believe it or not, are among the most hazardous places to be. Statistically, you are more likely to be harmed at home than at work. Therefore, it is critical to prioritize domestic health and safety. You cannot avoid some frequent mishaps, but you can decrease the likelihood of them occurring.


When it comes to home accidents, falls are the leading cause of mortality. They account for one-third of all deaths. This kind of accident disproportionately affects the elderly. Aside from fatalities, the consequences of an older person falling are much more severe. While younger individuals can also suffer from fractured bone, an older person’s broken bone is a much more severe issue in terms of mending.

Hip fractures are a significant concern, especially for people aged 75 and above, and might result in long-term care requirements as well as serious mobility problems. For starters, to remain safe by the door, plan how you can stop the doormat from sliding to provide a better footing for everyone. Here are additional guidelines.

Reduce Your Risks

  • Stairs: Install safety gates at both the bottom and top of staircases to prevent youngsters from falling. Keep everyone safe by ensuring that the lighting is adequate and that the railings and stairs are sturdy and well-maintained. To prevent falls, elderly individuals with limited mobility can consider installing stairlifts or relocating to a house without steps.

Accidental Poisoning

There can be many poisonous chemicals in your house, but most of them will be cleaning supplies. If you have small children, establish a concealed location for polishes, sprays, bleach, and other cleaning chemicals—and keep it closed at all times.

Medication and cosmetics can also cause poisoning, so make sure they’re kept correctly in their original packaging.

Poisoning is the second largest cause of mortality in the United States, accounting for 5,000 deaths per year. This is a meager number since this kind of danger mainly affects inquisitive young children. Follow the safety guidelines below to keep your kid safe and avoid becoming one of these statistics.

Reduce the Risk

  • If cleaning supplies and hazardous substances are kept in the kitchen, they should be placed in upper cabinets out of reach of young children. If you keep them in lower cupboards, make sure you purchase relatively cheap childproof locks for these cabinets.
  • Paint and insecticides should be kept in closed garages and sheds, on high shelves, and away from youngsters.
  • Keep an eye on youngsters in the kitchen and never leave them alone.
  • Label any unlabeled containers and avoid storing goods in food containers.
  • Have the phone number for the poison control center in your region on hand and saved on your mobile phone. In the case of poisoning, you must respond quickly.

Catching Fire

With almost 3,000 American lives lost each year due to fire risks, this is the third leading cause of death in house accidents. Follow these precautions to prevent fatalities and catastrophic burns to loved ones, as well as damage to your house and possessions.

Reduce the Risk

  • Incorporate smoke alarms into the kitchen, bedrooms, and basement.
  • Test your alarm once a month and change the batteries twice a year.
  • Consider a smoke-detection home alarm system. This will not only sound an alert like a standard smoke detector, but it will also call the local fire department, and assistance will be sent. This is especially helpful if a fire renders the residents unable to respond due to smoke inhalation.
  • Cook with caution and NEVER leave a pan of deep-frying oil alone. If the pan catches fire, use a wet tea towel to put out the flames; never use water to put out a fire.
  • A trained electrician should inspect your electrical wiring regularly.
  • Fires originating from defective Christmas tree lights are a significant danger and tragic tragedy during the holiday season. Switch off all Christmas lights before going to bed to avoid having your celebrations spoiled by fire.

You will never be able to eliminate all possible dangers in your house. However, by being organized and attentive, you can significantly decrease the chance of accidents. These helpful hints are intended to keep home falls to a minimum. But keep in mind that accidents do happen.

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