Inspiring Home Walls: How to Achieve Them

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Inspiring Home Walls: How to Achieve Them

Your house may feel monotonous and boring after being in it for a long time, especially during this time of the pandemic when we are all confined in our homes for extended periods. Having to eat, sleep, play, and even work in the same space all day can drain us of much-needed inspiration. We often settle with buying décor that can add hints of beauty inside the house but can sometimes clutter the space instead. A good renovation idea to change things up in your home is remodeling a wall or two. Selecting an appropriate room to renovate should be the best start and then choosing what kind of wall design to create should come second. Here are some ideas to do on your interior walls for more inspiration while stuck inside our houses.

Wall Repaint

Repainting walls is probably the easiest home remodel idea on this list. Changing the color of your wall can help in changing the scenery of any room inside your house. Depending on how you want the room to look like, whether it’d be spacious, warm, soothing, classic, etcetera, you have color options that can do the job for you.

There is also the psychology of color that use can study to help select a color for your wall, which can elicit certain things that will affect your day-to-day mood and energy. You can choose to repaint an entire room to make it cohesive or just one wall that you can use as an accent for a nice pop of color.

Wallpaper Installation

If you don’t want the hassle of playing with the more permanent paint, you can certainly go the convenient route with installing wallpaper. Wallpaper is easy to stick on your walls, and it comes in a variety of designs that you can select from. Printed wallpaper is one of the most classic types of wallpaper that homeowners use, as it is very cheap but is easy to rip and may blur when water gets on the inked design. Vinyl wallpaper is on the more durable side, so it is used in kitchens due to its waterproof qualities. The more flashy foil wallpaper can give your home a futuristic look with its metallic color options. Some types of wallpaper also have embossed designs that you may like. The possibilities are endless.

Wall Rendering

A textured wall can be achieved using a single-coat monocouche render. Rendering your wall not only gives a desirable look but also helps to waterproof your walls for a sturdier structure. Most renders come in different colors, which means that application eliminates the need for repainting (although you still can if you want to). But rendering requires properly prepping your wall before the renovation task.

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Build a Garden Wall

A garden wall is a good home building project for those who want a personal garden but lack the space around their yard. A vertical garden can also make a beautiful accent wall for your home. This idea can be made into reality using different methods. Some people install planters directly on their walls or just by hanging pots from their ceilings near a wall space. But some commit to creating a full wall garden embossed from the wall with a frame and are equipped with its own irrigation system that eliminates the need of watering the plants yourself. Certain plants are better for a vertical garden design more than others, so take your pick and make that wall into a greener accent for your home.

Fake a Brick Wall

Brick walls can give a certain aesthetic to a room. It can be a showpiece that grabs attention or a simple backdrop for some other pieces in your house. You can opt to create this classic look using brick veneers, as these are easier to install than stacking a new layer of bricks in front of the existing wall. Or you can fake it even more by using brick stencils and painting the design directly on the wall, which is cheaper as well.

Take Down a Wall

Against everything mentioned before, maybe you are more inclined to take down a wall to create more space (or the illusion of space) inside your home. Taking down a wall can be a big task that requires preparation, especially when a load-bearing wall is involved. But it can be a good idea for a home that feels stuffy or when you want to combine two rooms by removing the divider.

Your walls don’t have to be boring when you are trying to maintain a cohesive home. From simple wall accents to full room renovation, you will certainly find more inspiration to do your daily activities inside your house. After selecting and executing an idea from the list above, your home will once again become a place worthy of staying in for many months to come.


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