Car Care And Maintenance For Cold Climate

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Car Care And Maintenance For Cold Climate

The Autumn season is one of the most beautiful ones we get every year; leaves start to fall, preparing for anew, movie-like scenes at every corner, and Thanksgiving day just waiting to surprise us. In fact, the only downside you could get from Fall is raking up a bunch of leaves every now and then, which you’re generally going to end up doing for housework.

However, it is also a sign that Winter is coming, and apart from the lands of Westeros staying vigilant, a colder climate can even spell bad news for your car. Car maintenance is already essential to owning a car, more so if it’s your daily driver, but when you introduce extreme conditions, then that takes the cake. And if you want to keep your ride in excellent condition throughout winter, here’s a quick rundown on systems that need general servicing before snowfall.

#1 Double Checking The Fuel System

While the fuel system may seem relatively safe against colder climate, upon further inspection, you will find that excessive amounts of condensed water here can freeze and block fuel lines. When a fuel line is blocked, it inhibits the fuel from flowing properly into the engine, making it overflow and go back into the tank. When left unresolved, it could cause leakage and cause smokes, and fires.

A quick solution would be regular use of super unleaded fuel, as this helps keep moisture out of the fuel system and doesn’t introduce the risk of anything freezing up. However, you can also opt to keep your fuel tank full because a full tank means less air, and less room for air means less moisture.

#2 Electrical System Needs More Juice

Whether it’s your electric scooter or your car’s electrical system, cold weather is just immediate bad news because it makes the battery lose power much faster. During cold temperatures, your car ends up demanding twice as much power than it usually would under normal conditions, which can lead to your battery dying on you midway on a quick road trip. Especially if your battery already suffers from corroded electrical wires and cables, the winter season will just make it more taxing on your electrical system.

As for servicing and maintenance, we suggest that you get the electrical system checked and have any damaged electrical connections replaced. You might also want to consider parking your car inside the garage where it’s safe from wind and anything the climate may think throwing at it.

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#3 Flushing Out The Cooling System

If you need to wear certain outfits and apparel to deal with the seasonal chill, your car also needs the same type of loving, specifically the cooling system. When left unchanged, an inappropriate coolant can end up freezing on you, failing the cooling system, and jeopardizing the entire car. And you don’t want to be the guy who ends up spending his Christmas season on expensive engine repairs.

The fix here is flushing it all out and filling it with the proper mixture of antifreeze and water to ensure that it’s ready to handle the harsh cold climate. Plus, a fresh coolant mixture also means less rust and corrosion, which is all a double-positive when you add everything together.

#4 Investing In An Engine Block Heater

In extremely cold weather, you could end up dealing with an engine that’s dead cold, which is very dangerous if you plan on starting your car up. You end up wasting a lot of fuel and cause wear and tear over time. And nobody wants to speed up the depreciation process of the car.

Our advice is to invest in an engine block heater, which plugs directly into your house and keeps the engine coolant, block, and cylinder warm enough for when you need to go out. Luckily, you also won’t have trouble finding these because they’re pretty common in most auto parts stores, so feel free to go around shopping for one.

#5 Washing Away Snow And Ice Deposits

Snow and Ice deposits are downright bad, and you’re going to need extra elbow grease for washing these deposits away. These can weigh up to hundreds of pounds if you don’t observe regular maintenance and trap away rust-causing moisture in places where you least expect it. Snow and ice deposits can also deter performance and fuel economy, making your rides inefficient and potentially dangerous.

As a good rule of thumb, try to wash your car more frequently during winter and make sure to double-check in areas where snow and ice can build up. In cases like these, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and you don’t want to welcome spring with a damaged car.

A Cold Climate Maintenance Program

Overall, we advise you to adopt a cold climate car maintenance program to ensure that your daily driver stays in excellent condition through the wintertime. Let this quick guide serve as your baseline, and feel free to get extra tips from your local mechanic. Also, don’t forget to share this with all of your other car-enthusiast friends who haven’t done any preparation for the cold climate.

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