Quality Of Life: Car Maintenance Supplies You Need Right Now

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Quality Of Life: Car Maintenance Supplies You Need Right Now

Car maintenance is important, and any avid car-enthusiast is sure to back up that claim and show you a list of advantages when you learn to service and repair some basic car issues and diagnosis. As such, it’s only natural that you’ll need a basic set of tools to get the job done, but people often forget that there’s a long list of excellent car care supplies and accessories that can make the process much more manageable.

Aren’t The Basic Tools Alone Enough?

Of course, you could make the argument that extra supplies and accessories for vehicle maintenance aren’t as necessary and that the basic list of tools will do you good. However, there is a limit to how much you can get done with only the fundamentals, and more intricate and situation-specific issues will call for some extra help. In cases like these, it’s much better to have it and not need it than to need it but not have it.

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#1 You Need A Droplight

As the name suggests, a droplight is simply a socket on a long cord and housed in a protective cage to keep it safe during heavy-duty tasks. And if you have any experience with car maintenance, you know that very tricky places can get dark, and it’s hard to reach around stuff with zero visibility. So, when you put the two together, you get an all-purpose light source that will illuminate any area of your car that needs repair.

Most droplights are available in fluorescent or LED and operated on a standard electrical current, which means you won’t be needing anything very technical to use one. Plus, they’re very easy to get your hands on as they’re available in most auto repair stores. So, our advice is to get one and save yourself the trouble of getting creative with your flashlight.

#2 The Versatile Pry Bar

We all know how frustrating it can be when you’re unable to do something. It gets to your head and leaves you with very negative thoughts. And one of the most inconvenient and annoying vehicle maintenance situations is when you can’t open stuck parts or move something weighty. Luckily, the quick solution here is always to have a pry bar handy, and if Gordon Freeman ever taught us anything about them, they’re so useful that they even work on aliens.

Plus, if you decide to dive deeper into more intricate car issues like restoring an older car model, pry bars will be a Godsend. Car components get stuck together after they gather up a lot of mileage under their belt, and your pry bar may be the only way of taking things apart.

#3 Some Floor Cleaner

Whether you’re making burgers or doing some paperwork, nobody likes stacking up a mess and not having the means to clean up afterward properly. The same concept applies to car care, and if you’ve ever seen what a mechanic’s workshop looks like, you probably know just how messy some jobs can get. Our advice is always to have some floor cleaner within reach because these simple cleaning supplies go a long way to keeping your garage from looking like a tornado of grease and oil.

Not to mention that these grease and oil spills are also a hazard, and you don’t want to be the poor guy who slips and falls after working so hard on his daily driver. So, invest in some floor cleaner and maybe even get the floor dry while you’re at it to have a backup plan for soaking up the large spillage.

#4 Solvent For Grease And Rust

As you’ve probably realized, grease and rust are almost always present in any car job, which means you’re going to need an efficient and easy way to clear them up. In this situation, basic tools won’t have anything to offer, and before you even think about using gasoline, don’t do it. It gives off explosive vapors that are dangerous.

The fix here is to use a solvent, a less flammable grease-cutting liquid perfect for the job. However, please do away with any cheaper variants and look for a quality solvent that can assure you nothing will go wrong.

#5 Reliable Hand Cleaner

Everyone likes being and feeling clean, and people go to great lengths like using handcrafted candles for the aroma and using extra protective equipment when doing housework. And one of the biggest problems after a long car maintenance session is that the mess doesn’t just get on the floor but also you and your clothes. Making you feel dirty and having to go through the annoying process of cleaning out any contaminants on your skin.

Our suggestion is to get yourself a reliable hand cleaner and place it inside your garage for ease of access and make sure to pair this up with a hand towel. If you want to go the extra mile, some people also prefer using latex gloves specifically for vehicle maintenance.

Staying Prepared

Overall, it’s much better to be prepared than to find yourself unequipped for any car work. So, be sure to give this list one more skim and get yourself these essential car care supplies and accessories to make vehicle maintenance a breeze.

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