Creating the Ideal Post-pandemic Bachelor Pad

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Creating the Ideal Post-pandemic Bachelor Pad

The reshaping of living conditions because of a disease is nothing new. Many of our modern-day home design norms—like indoor planning and sewage system—were created to prevent disease and allow for easier cleaning. Our homes are always going to need to adjust to societal changes.

This is why a post-pandemic bachelor pad must be two things: practical and chic, in that order. If you live alone, now is the best time to create a home that facilitates your work, fitness, rest, and play, all while providing you with a higher aesthetic standard. Here are some pointers for creating a bachelor pad that you wouldn’t mind spending all of your days in.

Furniture and equipment that help you sleep and rest better

Since going on vacations and staying in hotels might not be in the cards for the foreseeable future, you might as well turn your bedroom into a place that makes you feel like you’re doing a staycation. Upgrade your mattress into an innerspring type for a more luxurious feel, pile on the big, fluffy pillows, choose 300-thread count all-white sheets for that clean vibe and invest in a top-of-the-line personal temperature controller to find your perfect sleep temperature.

An excellent work-from-home setup

A post-pandemic bachelor pad needs a foolproof work-from-home setup. If your home allows it, make sure your office or workstation isn’t in your bedroom because experts suggest that working from your bedroom is not the best for your health. Our brains are wired in a way that associates spaces with specific activities, and working from your bedroom may hinder your ability to fully rest when you’re in it.

Upgrade your home office or workstation by figuring out what worked and what didn’t in your commercial office and taking that into account for your new work-from-home setup. For example, if your commercial office didn’t allow for ergonomics, then make sure your home office provides you with a space that optimizes your health, well-being, and overall performance. If you’re the type to benefit from being in full view of greenery or the outside world while working, then position your home office in front of a window. Ultimately, there may be rules, but you’re the only one who knows what work setup enhances your productivity and keeps your mind and body healthy.

An entertainment space that facilitates your favorite leisure time activities

A dream bachelor pad needs an entertainment center, and a post-pandemic one is no exception. Unless you worked at Google, your commercial office most likely didn’t have space where you and your colleagues could have a good time during breaks.

Whether it’s an entire room dedicated to watching films or playing video games or a tiny corner in your living room, make sure that you have a space that you know you can look forward to after a long day of work. Since it’s not yet advisable to go to the movies or crowded places like amusement parks, a bachelor pad needs to have a solely dedicated space for leisure. And studies show that a reward system boosts worker morale and productivity, so having a space for your leisure activities can be a great motivation to finish your work excellently and on time.

A practical kitchen that allows you to create a variety of meals

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You don’t need to have the most expensive state-of-the-art appliances and equipment to have a practical kitchen that allows you to plan and create meals with variety. It simply needs to accommodate more complicated and sophisticated home cooking and not just a kettle for instant noodles and a microwave for re-heating-and-eating. A practical kitchen must be armed with the basics:

  • Different kinds of pans and pots: non-stick frying pan, saucepan, stockpot, sheet pans, and a glass baking dish
  • Tools like basic knives, measuring spoons, measuring cups, wooden spoons, fish turner, peeler, whisk, tongs, cutting board, colander, and can opener
  • Prep bowls in different sizes
  • Basic appliances like blender and salad spinner
  • A fully-stocked pantry filled with healthy staples
  • Counter-top oven

It may seem overwhelming at first, but a well-equipped kitchen can save you more money in the long run as it will keep you from ordering too much takeout or having food delivered. Learning how to cook can also prepare you for when lockdowns are announced, too.

The Best For Your Home

It seems experts agree that lockdowns and stay-at-home orders will continue. Our homes need to be complete with everything we need to find healthy rhythms of work, rest, and entertainment. So invest in your home, and watch how it can transform how your well-being and productivity.

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