Dental Implants in Cheltenham: The Power of a Smile

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Dental Implants in Cheltenham: The Power of a Smile

Is it possible to put a price on confidence? Being able to move through the world with a sense of ease can affect so many things: performance at work, being able to relax in social situations, and responding to unforeseen events. The value to each individual is going to be different depending on their life circumstances, but a feeling of confidence is going to benefit everyone, whatever their challenges are in life. And while there are many factors that go into building up a person’s self-confidence, the look and feel of their smile is an important one.

Why is this? Well, the smile communicates a lot. It’s well-known that the majority of communication is non-verbal and the smile is one of the key ways to say a lot without words. That’s why dental implants in Cheltenham are so popular. These highly functional tooth restorations fill in gaps in the smile using durable and stable titanium implants, topped with hard-wearing porcelain crowns. This gives the wearer the confidence to show off a broad grin again. Many dental practices in the area, such as Cheltenham Dental Spa, offer implant surgery.

Why is a smile so important?

Within a split-second of meeting someone, human beings judge that person based on how they make them feel. It’s not a mean thing, it all happens subconsciously and is based on primal instincts. Back in the ancient past it was necessary to determine very quickly if someone was friend or foe. The flash of a smile, the crinkling of eyes signified that it was okay to relax, this person could be trusted.

And it’s still ingrained in human perception today. Without even realising it, if someone smiles a genuine smile, the other person will feel warm towards them and that they are someone they can trust. This eases the flow of social and professional interaction and helps to build relationships that last. This in turn improves the confidence of the one smiling, and they find it easier and easier to be themselves and relax with others.

So, dental implants in Cheltenham aren’t only about great dental health: they can also improve a person’s confidence and ability to communicate. That’s priceless.

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