Enjoying Every Moment When Driving a Subaru

woman driving a car

Enjoying Every Moment When Driving a Subaru

Some people shy away from buying a Subaru, believing it to be a high maintenance car. Unfortunately, this thought lets them pass up on impressive driving experience, excellent build quality, and superb fuel efficiency. Each Subaru lives up to its brand promise — confidence in motion.

If you have access to a reliable Subaru auto mechanic, you can milk your machine for all it’s got under the hood for an incredibly long time. Subaru’s range of cars is exceptionally engineered for reliability, safety, and performance. Here are some credible pointers to help you keep your prized vehicle in tiptop shape without burning a hole in your wallet:

Sidestep the marketing gimmicks

It’s no secrets that oil marketers are out to make as much money as they can from each motorist. That’s one of the primary reasons behind putting a myriad of new product lines on the market. Most of these new and revolutionary products that say that they will “dramatically improve your motoring experience” are nothing more than a fad.

Marketers create a lot of hype around these new products such as high-octane fuel to rope in as many motorists as possible. Unless the car manufacturer recommends high octane fuel, there’s no need to swing that way. If you do, you’ll be throwing away good money and getting nothing in return.

The promises of increased performance and efficiency or better mileage are nothing but an expensive mirage. If your engine is one the verge of “knocking,” using high octane fuel might extend the lifespan of your car. However, that would amount to treating the symptoms of your problematic engine.

Refine your driving habits

man driving a carAlthough your Subaru offers good performance, you would do well to avoid Boston driving. The moniker stems from a study that found 50% of Boston drivers are guilty of aggressive driving. Careening around corners, hard braking, tailgating, and speeding over rough patches takes a toll on just about every system in the car.

That’s the easiest way to rack up astronomical repair tab with every trip to the car repair shop. Aggressive driving also increases the likelihood of getting into a car accident and piling up the speeding tickets. Incidentally, about 20% of Subaru drivers have a penchant for a lead foot and tend to rack up numerous speeding violations.

In a country where speeding is highly frowned upon, you certainly want to play by the rules. Otherwise, you might be saddled with an expensive speeding ticket. On average, a speeding ticket is likely to set you back about $150 depending on the state and the speed that you’re clocked at. If you rack too many moving violations, the state can suspend your driving privileges for months or even years.

There’s considerable joy in getting behind the wheel of any Subaru model since they are built for performance, efficiency, and safety. If you keep the car in tiptop shape, you can enjoy superior motoring experience for many years to come. Of course, you need to watch out for the lead foot that is the bane of many Subaru drivers which causes them to incur expensive speeding tickets.

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