Smile Again: How to Handle Missing Teeth

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Smile Again: How to Handle Missing Teeth

People lose teeth all the time. It can be through cavities or even accidents. Losing teeth can be a problem in several ways, from the deterioration of bone support to a range of cosmetic issues. Fortunately, there are solutions to tooth loss.

Here’s a range of options available for those that need replacement teeth:

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most obvious solution to missing teeth, even when the gaps are located in different locations along your jaw. The science of dental implants now allows for realistic-looking implants.

To get implants is a long process. First, you need to see a dentist that specializes in dental implants.They will be able to evaluate your fitness for the implants. Some people cannot receive implants because of thin jawbones and other factors. The specialist will then have to do some planning for the implant process itself. The initial drilling and placement of the implant is the start of a months-long process. The implant needs to integrate into your jawbone before the finishing touches are done.

The great thing about implants is that they look and feel like the real thing. The only downside for many patients is the high cost and the extensive downtime. If neither of these is an issue to you, then this is an option worth considering.


A more affordable option is dentures. These are removable dental appliances that you wear when you go about your day. You then take them out when sleeping so that they can remain clean. The denture option is a good choice for those who have lost a majority of their teeth. With a pink resin base, they look like natural parts of your mouth.

To get one, your dentist will need to take a mold of your mouth and create dentures based on this. The process is much faster than the implant process and does not cost as much. Plus, they are easy to use. No need for painful drilling. There is some uncomfortable sensation as you try to adapt to it but it should work well.


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There are also bridges. These are similar to dental implants in that you can’t take them off. The difference is that they are not placed into your jaw. They use the adjacent teeth as anchors and dental cement secures them in place. This allows for easier application and a more affordable price. The dentist will need to do some modifications to your existing teeth so that they can fit well. You will have to be strict about cleaning them though since there are gaps where food bits can enter and cause problems.

Be Confident About Smiling Again

A smile is vital to a person’s happiness just as healthy teeth are essential to their quality of life. If you want to find replacement teeth, the list should give you enough options, no matter what your budget is. With the right information and the right guidance from your dentist, you can be proud of your smile again.

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