Garage Door Care Tips That Are Good for the Entire Year

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Garage Door Care Tips That Are Good for the Entire Year

A garage door, whether it is the traditional kind or has a modern design, is an essential part of every Australian home. Like plumbing, drainage, or heating and cooling systems, garage door systems must also be maintained well and regularly to remain in perfect running condition.

Here are a few things you can do to extend the life of your garage door.

Clear the Tracks

To maintain your garage door properly, make sure you clear the tracks on both parts of the door and free it of dust and debris. You can use a level to ensure the tracks are perfectly vertical. Homeowners can do this small adjustment, but take note that major adjustments are best handled by professional technicians.

Listen to Your Door

The issues with your garage door and auto openers often become apparent when they make grating and scraping sounds. A highly maintained and tuned garage door is very quiet when it opens and closes. Check your springs, cables, and pulleys to be certain that they are aligned and symmetrical.

Make Sure the Remote is Working

man testing the garage remoteThe garage door opener or remote is one of the components that get damaged from wear and tear. Like everything else, it can run out of power, get stuck, or break down altogether.

A malfunctioning remote can pose a big danger to the safety and security of the people living inside the house. In Cairns and neighbouring cities, professionals include garage door remote repairs in their list of garage maintenance services.

Check and Tighten the Hardware

Since your garage door often moves up and down a couple of hundred times annually, the vibration and constant motion can loosen up the door and track hardware. Check your brackets and fasteners if they are well anchored to the garage door opener. You can use a socket wrench to tighten up loose bolts.

Replace Your Rollers

You must inspect the rollers found on the edge of your garage door at least twice a year. Then have them replaced every five to seven years. Replace rollers that appear cracked, chipped, or worn out.

In most cases, you just have to remove the brackets that hold them to your door. But always remember not to remove the bottom roller bracket on the sides, as these are connected to the lift cables and are under heavy tension.

Take a Good Look at the Cables and Pulleys

Inspect the lift cables and pulleys on the bottom roller brackets. These have a direct connection between the door and springs to help lift and lower down your door efficiently. There are two kinds of springs: extension and torsion springs.

The extension springs are long and slim. They work on the horizontal part of every door track. The torsion spring, on the other hand, is placed on a metal rod above the door opening. This helps cables lift the garage door.

Expert technicians suggest, however, that homeowners refrain from touching them, as they are very high tension parts and can be very dangerous. In this case, ask an expert for proper servicing.

For maintenance, make sure also that you have the rollers and other moving parts well lubricated. This will help reduce any stress on the rollers and prolong their usability. Apply a high-quality lubricating spray at least two times a year around the hinges and rollers. The door should open and close smoothly without a squeaking or strained sound.

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