How You Can Light the Creative Fire in Your Team

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How You Can Light the Creative Fire in Your Team

Every company relies on its employees’ creativity to produce good results for the business. Creativity is a much-needed quality that can dictate the success of the team, making it essential for business owners and team leaders to create a stimulating workplace. However, there are times when your team can hit the proverbial brick wall. To ensure that each team member is always on their creative peak, you can follow these simple steps.

Listen to their Ideas

Being the leader of a team means that you hold the final decision for every project. However, it does not mean that your plan should take priority over others. Employees stay at their current jobs because they are passionate about their work, which means that they might have valuable input to help the business grow and succeed.

As a team leader, you need to open up yourself to suggestions for the improvement of the collective output. The ground-breaking idea for the project might come from the least talkative member of the group. When you open yourself to your team members’ suggestions and ideas, you are creating the proper atmosphere that encourages communication and developing the right team mentality.

Add Stimulating Changes to the Environment

A workspace is an essential tool in inspiring creativity for employees. If you notice that your team is having trouble providing ideas and suggestions, you should start thinking about adding some design changes around the office. Most companies disregard the need for office redesign as a way to cut costs. However, a redesigned work environment can help stimulate creativity. Companies that offer office refurbishment in Melbourne, for instance, are currently focused on providing workspaces that can help inspire employees to get creative.

You can also make small changes in the office to stimulate creativity. Hanging portraits of powerful and inspiring quotes about teamwork can help motivate your team. Adding a bookshelf will encourage employees to read more, which can help them come up with strong ideas. Even the simple act of cleaning your workspace can generate creativity within your team.

Tweak the Team Meeting System

Most leaders schedule team meetings to get updates on each members’ progress in a given project. While it is important to provide updates, teams can discuss progress in online workspace chat groups. Team meetings might pull the members away from a productive part of their work, which might halt their creative stride.

As the team leader, you should only schedule team meetings when it is necessary. If a team meeting is required, you need to come up with a clear agenda to make the meeting more efficient. If you want to discuss concerns and minor project-related activities, you can communicate with your team using project management tools.

Encourage Team to Work Outside the Office


There are some days when a team member will not be productive inside the office. When you notice that someone in your team failed to deliver results you are used to seeing, you can encourage them to continue their work outside the office. The change in scenery can help inspire employees to do good in their work.

Creativity within your team will help you get promising results in a project. When your team is struggling to come up with new ideas, you need to make some changes in your team mentality and environment to keep them on the right track.

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