Why New Zealand Should Be on Your Travel Bucket List

Panoramic view of Wellington, New Zealand

Why New Zealand Should Be on Your Travel Bucket List

Long known for its sweeping cliffside views and panoramas, New Zealand has always been known as the last frontier. If it wasn’t for Hollywood blockbusters such as ‘The Lord of the Rings’, or hit TV series like ‘Top of the Lake’, many people won’t be aware of the beautiful terrains and vast bodies of water in the Kiwi country. New Zealand is truly an underdog when it comes to undiscovered, hidden gems.

Today, thanks to the rise of millennial travel, many young tourists and families have been discovering the country, not just for its natural wonders, but also its thriving culture and arts. If you’re on a quest to set foot on all countries in Australasia, here’s why you shouldn’t miss exploring New Zealand.

The ‘best places’ on earth

It’s home to two of the ‘best places’ on earth. Queenstown and the Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers made it to Rough Guides’ 100 Best Places on Earth 2020.

Queenstown is known for its wine and cultural destinations, as well as its adventure activities for adrenaline junkies. The two glaciers, meanwhile, are the most accessible worldwide, as compared to those found in Greenwich and Antarctica. This makes them obviously great (and a safe bet) for snow-skiing enthusiasts and mountain climbers.

Tourism numbers on the rise

Its tourism segment is expanding. Major institutions, including the government, are investing in the future of the country’s tourism industry. According to data from the Tourism Industry Aotearoa, the country earns on average $107 million per day from its tourism segment. This is why funds are being funnelled into schools to train interested students of hospitality and tourism.

After all, according to TIA statistics last year, 216,000 people directly and 149,000 indirectly work for the tourism industry in New Zealand. This equates to almost one in every seven jobs. The government, meanwhile, continues to support the building of infrastructure and tourist facilities in booming areas through generous grants.

Food and drink hot spot

couple eating big sandwiches on a bench

It’s an up and coming food and drink destination. New Zealand has a number of microbreweries and hobbyists who brew exciting liquor and alcoholic beverages from the confines of their own home. Its food truck niche is also booming, with many food trucks specialising in fusion cuisines.

These brewers and food providers participate in food fairs all over the country, such as the New Zealand Food Truck Festival in Plymouth, and can be spotted in some tourist spots. If you’re an enterprising entrepreneur like this lot, you can purchase a food truck for sale with ease from a growing number of recreational vehicle dealers.

Travellers who would like to see the beauty that New Zealand has to offer have a lot of options now, as more tourism companies have set up shop in the island country. For those who want to explore the country by land, some tourism firms offer a wide variety of recreational vehicles for sale and rent. Some also provide assistance in transforming one’s automobile into a camper van or recreational vehicle.

New Zealand is a beautiful country that has a lot of surprises in store for tourists and locals alike. If you’re on a cross-country trip at the moment or have been saving up for that epic trip to take at least once in your lifetime, make sure to look into New Zealand.

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