Three Health-friendly Gift Ideas for the Family During the Pandemic

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Three Health-friendly Gift Ideas for the Family During the Pandemic

Staying connected with our loved ones amid social distancing restrictions is hard and almost seems impossible. While messaging applications are available to quench our thirst for social interactions, nothing feels better if we have the chance to be with them, especially during the holiday seasons.

In the Philippines, overseas workers have a tradition of sending balikbayan boxes to their families at home. Balikbayan boxes are part of the gift-giving culture of Filipinos by sending packages filled with a variety of international goods to their families at home. In the global community, sending gifts to loved ones during the pandemic became more frequent because of people’s inability to travel and see their loved ones.

People’s approach to gift-giving has changed significantly during the pandemic. Restrictions on real-world socializing made it difficult to build or maintain relationships. In fact, global search queries for “online gift” went up by 80% during the lockdown compared to previous years. More importantly, people’s desire to give grew stronger than the average special occasions, such as holidays and birthdays.

Now that Christmas is just a few months away, we’ll be giving some “health-friendly” gift suggestions for your loved ones amid these tough times. So get your Christmas shopping list ready, and let’s get started!

For remote employees

noise-cancellation headsets on a keyboard

Noise cancellation headphones are now a necessity for our loved ones who have to work at home. The endless Zoom calls aren’t only stressful, but it’s eating a lot of time for ourselves and the family. Taking part in video meetings is even more difficult for those who have pets, kids, or live with the entire family at home.

Dealing with household noises ruins the concentration and productivity of people working at home. If you have a loved one who practically lives on Zoom, open-ear headphones with noise cancellation features are just what they need. Modern headsets today come with cutting-edge innovations, such as bone-conduction technology and featherweight features. The device allows you to participate in video meetings for hours on end without any discomfort or painful sensations around the head.

Instead of wearing the standard headphones or earbuds, the open-ear headphone removes the pressure from your ears without sacrificing the audio quality.

For seniors

Loneliness and isolation are widespread issues among seniors, particularly our elderly parents. Cases of depression became even worse for the older population during the pandemic as senior care facilities limited visitations to stop the spread of the virus. As a result, our senior loved ones suffer from frequent bouts of loneliness and fear of being alone.

In these moments when our elderly loved ones can’t go out, it’s important to make them feel close to their families. A user-friendly tablet is the best gift you can give this holiday season. Compared to standard tablets, this device doesn’t need any tech skills to operate. The user can simply start chatting, calling, and browse photos.

Tablets for seniors are designed with large icons and large font sizes for better visibility. You can also load them up with photos and important numbers for easy access.

Another gift idea for seniors is the recumbent bicycle. It’s a pedal cycle that comes with a recliner which you can use while sitting on a couch. It’s great for seniors who can’t go outside because of the cold weather.

Other gift suggestions include heated jackets and reusable hand and foot warmers that are very handy and cozy during cold nights.

For kids

Kids these days are spending more time in front of the computer screen because of virtual schooling. Although it’s nice to have them at home, having more screen time has negative effects on their health and well-being.

Blue light-blocking glasses is what every child and employee need to protect their eyesight from the harmful glare emitted from electronic gadgets, such as phones, tablets, and laptop. Too much exposure to blue light affects the body’s circadian rhythm by making us think that it’s still daytime. Wearing this type of glasses will reduce eye strain and make it easy to focus.

Another gift idea is a reading tablet with a similar setting, just like a printed book. It comes with night settings that allow you to read for many hours without hurting your eyes. It’s also perfect for teens who have difficulty concentrating on schoolwork because of digital distractions such as social media applications.

Gift-giving during the pandemic has gone beyond as a form of love language on special occasions. It has become a symbol of empathy to close the physical distance because of the quarantine. It’s a completely isolating and overwhelming time, but we have to find hope and appreciation even in the smallest ways to connect with the people we care about.

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