Smart Ways to Upgrade Your Apartment Balcony

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Smart Ways to Upgrade Your Apartment Balcony

If you have a balcony in your apartment, consider yourself lucky. Most apartment owners don’t even have access to an outdoor living space other than the street right outside their building. However, the problem with most apartment balconies is that they are tiny, which leads many apartment dwellers to think that they can’t do much with the space they have.

However, even the tiniest balcony apartment can look cozy, aesthetically pleasing, or “open” with certain upgrades. For this article, we’re focusing on how to make your apartment balcony a cozy extension of your indoor living space.

Here are some tips that you should consider:

  1. Hang a chair

Instead of a regular chair, why not hang a chair instead to save on space? This way, you can still use the space underneath the chair for decorations, mats, and other items that can add value to your small balcony space.

  1. Invest in outdoor cushion covers

If the seating in your balcony has cushions, look for cushion covers online. You wouldn’t want to bring in your cushions every time it rains—and you certainly don’t want the sun or bugs to damage it faster than usual. Outdoor cushion covers can protect them from the elements and, at the same time, can act as accents to your design since they come in many colors, textures, and patterns.

Furthermore, you can easily take them off and wash them every time they get dirty instead of washing the entire cushion, which can take a lot of time and effort to clean and dry.

  1. Add a small table

Aside from a chair, you need to have a small table to enjoy morning coffees and afternoon teas on your balcony. If you’re pressed for space, buy a folding table so that you can put it away when not in use.

  1. Decorate with plants
    balcony plants

Plants can make your balcony look and feel like a backyard, especially if you’re living in the middle of a concrete jungle. Aside from the aesthetic value that they add, they are also scientifically proven to provide certain health benefits, such as improving mental health, reducing stress, boosting the immune system, and enhancing the air quality. If you want to improve the aroma in your apartment, you can also decorate with herbs, which you can also use for cooking.

Furthermore, you can incorporate a new meaningful purpose into your routine when you have plants to care for. And watering and pruning plants alone can make for very therapeutic activities.

  1. Consider floor pillows

If outdoor furniture is too bulky for your small balcony, why not opt for floor pillows instead? They can be just as comfy as a chair or a hammock but won’t take up much space. More than that, they are easy to move around when you need to put them away or have to share with a guest. Just make sure to use outdoor pillow covers to prevent them from getting dirty too fast.

  1. Use your wall space

One great workaround to not having enough floor space is using the wall space instead. You can hang plants, wall accents, and durable art pieces to make your veranda feel like an extension of your indoor living space.

  1. Incorporate mood lighting

Picture yourself having a nice glass of wine after a long day of working. Won’t the cityscape look better if you have mood lighting around your balcony?

There are many options to choose from. You can hang fairy lights for a cozy backyard feel, place outdoor lanterns around the space for a Zen aesthetic, or perhaps LED wall lights if you want to really brighten up the space. Whichever type of lighting you choose, ensure that it is weather-resistant.

  1. Drown the noise

Hanging out on your balcony won’t be as peaceful if there is too much noise down the streets. And if you live in the city, it is quite impossible to avoid noise pollution.

You can help drown out the noise by buying a white noise machine that mimics calmer sounds, such as ocean waves, forest noises, or the sound of rain. You can also look into small water fountains that can incorporate the relaxing sound of water into your outdoor space, but don’t expect it to drown out ambient noise entirely.

These are just some ways you can upgrade your balcony into a much more functional living space. Even if you have a tiny balcony, there are plenty of things you can do to make it more livable, aesthetically pleasing, and generally a nice place to be in altogether.

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