How Netflix Influences Tourism Around the World

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How Netflix Influences Tourism Around the World

  • Netflix inspired many travelers with shows like “Narcos” and “Outlander” sparking tourism in Colombia and Scotland.
  • Viewers are encouraged to explore more off-the-beaten-path experiences and hidden culinary gems via shows like “Street Food” and “Chef’s Table.”
  • Netflix promotes lesser-known destinations with series like “Dark Tourist” and “Tales by Light,” which focus on unique ways of experiencing these places.
  • The streaming service also contributes to sustainable tourism with shows like “Our Planet” and “A Plastic Ocean” to educate viewers on the importance of environmental conservation.

Netflix has revolutionized the way the world watches TV and movies. From binge-watching to original programming, the streaming giant offers many entertainment options to satisfy every niche. But did you know that Netflix is also influencing tourism around the world? Yes, you heard that right. The platform’s popular shows and movies spark wanderlust in viewers, inspiring them to explore new destinations and experience different cultures. This blog post will delve into how Netflix is impacting tourism and the various ways it’s changing the travel industry.

1. Inspiring Travelers

Netflix has become a great source of travel inspiration. Many TV shows and movies filmed in exotic locations have become must-watch entertainment among viewers. Here are some examples:

a. “Narcos” and Medellin, Colombia

For example, the show “Narcos” influenced the tourism industry in Medellin, Colombia, where the series was filmed. Tourists can visit the landmarks and locations where the show was shot, learn about the history of Pablo Escobar, and experience Colombia’s vibrant culture. Although this rise in the area’s tourism also caused the implosion of Pablo Escobar’s Monaco building due to the then mayor’s disdain for tourists’ interest in the infamous public figure.

b. “Outlander” and Scotland

Picturesque view of Edinburgh town and castle

The show “Outlander” is based on Diana Gabaldon’s book series of the same name. It follows the story of a World War II nurse who travels through time and falls in love with an 18th-century Scottish Highlander warrior. The show featured Scotland prominently, leading to a surge of tourists visiting the country. Tourists can take walking tours of Edinburgh, visit Doune Castle, which is featured in the show, and explore other Scottish landmarks featured in Outlander.

2. Influencing Off-the-path Travelers

Netflix has encouraged travelers to take more off-the-beaten-path experiences instead of traditional sightseeing. Shows like “Street Food” and “Chef’s Table” have interested viewers in exploring various destinations’ hidden culinary gems. This show highlights the street food scene from different countries, making avid foodies crave more thrilling authentic food experiences than fancy restaurants.

Some countries, like Japan and Thailand, have significantly increased food tourism due to these shows. For example, after the documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” was released, viewers began to seek out sushi masters like Jiro Ono in Tokyo, which increased the demand for sushi. Similarly, “Street Food: Asia” interested viewers in exploring unique dishes like grilled meats and noodles from Thailand.

3. Promoting Lesser-known Tourist Spots

Netflix is also contributing to promoting lesser-known destinations. Instead of just focusing on popular tourist spots, viewers can now explore new places they have never heard of before. Here are some examples:

a. “Dark Tourist”

Ruins in the Chernobyl area with a radioactive warning sign

This popular Netflix series is for those who love dark tourism or offbeat experiences. Many viewers are very intrigued about visiting these destinations featured in the show, including nuclear wastelands and abandoned cities. For example, the Chernobyl exclusion zone in Ukraine has become a popular tourist attraction since the release of “Dark Tourist.”

b. “Tales by Light”

Similarly, “Tales by Light” provides an insight into lesser-known destinations and ways of experiencing them. Some featured locations include Rwanda, the Australian Outback, and India. The show encourages viewers to explore these destinations uniquely – through photography.

4. Advancing Sustainable Tourism

Netflix has also contributed to sustainable tourism. In a time when conscious travel is becoming more critical, the streaming service adds to the conversation. Shows like “Our Planet” and “A Plastic Ocean” provides education and encouragement for viewers to travel sustainably and notice their environmental impact more. It educates and inspires the audience to become more aware and responsible travelers.

For example, “Our Planet” emphasizes the importance of protecting animal habitats and shows how travel can be part of this effort. The show features some fantastic wildlife conservation projects worldwide, such as a giant panda sanctuary in China and a tiger reserve in India. Its message encourages viewers to take action and visit these places to contribute to these conservation efforts.

Netflix is influencing tourism in various ways mentioned above. While traditional travel guides are still in use, entertainment has become an increasingly essential media type that plays a crucial role in sparking travel inspiration. As Netflix keeps evolving, more travel-related shows and movies will emerge, further influencing tourism. Ultimately, the future of tourism will continue to merge with the entertainment industry.

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