How to Become a Better Son to Your Parents


How to Become a Better Son to Your Parents

No parent is perfect. You are raised by a human being, after all. Just like you, your parents are flawed. But despite their imperfections, they tried their best to raise you with all the love they could muster. Even if you identify as an alpha male, a parent’s love should be enough to melt your tough exterior. And you should be more than ready to reciprocate the care and generosity your parents have shown you throughout your life.

Here are simple ways where you can show your appreciation to your mom and dad. These won’t cost you much but are sure to put a smile on your parents’ hearts.

Help them improve their house

Your elderly parent might need a house that’s tailor-fit for their age. Thankfully some builders specifically zero in on granny flats. These houses ensure that your mom and dad are as comfy as they can be in their home, despite any physical limitations brought about by aging.

Work with your parents on this project. Make sure they find the best service provider. If you have the time and you happen to be handy, you can even volunteer to participate in the actual building or renovation.

Travel with them


Save some money to travel with your parents. You can go on a cruise ship with them. It will be relaxing and exciting at the same time, which is ideal. You cannot take your parents on a backpacking adventure with you. They might not be able to keep up with the physical demands of such an adventure. So stick with something safe but fun.

Also, before you board the plane or ship for that matter, make sure you have checked and rechecked all of your parents’ meds. The prospect of traveling with you might have excited them too much they’d forgotten some unforgettables.

Buy them groceries from time to time

If you cannot schedule travel with your parents anytime soon, you can always resort to simpler but just as loving efforts. For example, on your drive home, you can drop by a grocery, take some stuff your parents might need, and drop them off at your parent’s house before you head home.

Living in a city far from your parents’ house? You can shop for stuff online to be sent to your parents’ address. Either effort will be appreciated.

Get them involved in your hobbies

Do you love tinkering with cars? Are you currently assembling a vintage ride from curated parts you’ve found online? Why not involve your dad in your hobby? He’s probably as passionate about cars as you are.

Or have you learned to bake in the past months? Call your mom and ask her about baking tips. She’ll be more than happy to help you out with your new hobby. You might even be surprised your dad has his two cents on baking too.

Visit them as often as you can

There’s no better way to show your love and appreciation for your parents than paying them regular visits. And living in a faraway city is not enough of an excuse not to see your mom and dad for three years or more. But if that’s the case for you, at least you should be making those phone calls.

If you’re now a parent yourself, or planning to become one in the near future, most likely you have a renewed sense of appreciation for your mom and dad. And you’re quite lucky if you still have them with you. That said, do not waste time and make sure that you express your love to them in simple ways like those we’ve listed above.

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