Reasons Men Should be More Concerned About their Health and Appearance

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Reasons Men Should be More Concerned About their Health and Appearance

For many years, men who maintain healthy bodies and care for their looks were seen as feminine or vain. Even some women frown upon males who work out in the gym and shave their beards, claiming that they’re unrelatable, or “prettier than them.” But thankfully, gender norms are now being reinvented, leading to men becoming more proud of their healthy habits. And of course, women are now applauding them for it.

Hence, if you’re a guy who’s starting to add pounds to your belly, you might need to reconsider your diet and lifestyle. Not that a dad bod makes you less beautiful, but it definitely makes you a little less healthy. But aside from the dad bod, other lifestyle factors also affect a man’s health and looks.

These include the lack of a proper skincare routine and sleep, specific outdoor activities, and specific industrial activities. In fact, a number of activities most men do are actually detrimental to their health.

That said, here are the reasons to be more concerned about your health and looks:

Neglecting Your Skin Can Lead to Cancer

If you think sunscreen is nothing but a sticky layer of product that sits on your face, you might change your mind right away, because sunscreen protects your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Sunburns are more than just redness. It is skin damage that can lead to premature wrinkles, aging, age spots, and increase your risk for skin cancer.

You don’t need a whole 10-step skincare routine to protect your skin. Just use a gentle facial cleanser, a toner, a moisturizer, and a sunscreen daily. Choose products that are free of fragrances, because fragrances can cause or aggravate breakouts.

A proper skincare routine is crucial because your skin is your largest barrier against infections. And keeping your skin healthy strengthens this barrier. So don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a facial or a skincare product set this Christmas. Flaunt your glowing skin before 2020 ends, and make it your new year’s resolution to love your skin more. It won’t make you “feminine.” You’ll earn women’s respect more when you don’t have fragile masculinity.

Certain Food and Habits Can Affect Your Fertility

Too much booze and soda, and skipping omega-3-rich food doesn’t just pudge up your belly but can decrease your sperm count as well. The same may also happen if you lack enough sleep, stress out, and always keep your smartphone in your pocket. So if you’re guilty of doing most or all of these, change your habits now if you plan on having kids in the future.

But sleeping too long (for more than 9 hours) may destroy your fertility either, so just stick to 7 – 8 hours every night. Include more salmon, tuna, and other omega-3-rich fish in your diet, preferably consuming them instead of bacon and other processed meat, which can reduce your sperm count and testosterone production.

And instead of using your pants pocket to keep your smartphone, use your breast pocket. The phone’s heat and radiation can damage your sperm’s DNA and hamper its production, so start stocking up on shirts with breast pockets ASAP.

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Production and Construction Activities or Herbal Medicine Can Cause Heavy Metal Poisoning

If you work in a factory that uses heavy metals or use lead paint in your construction projects, you’re exposing yourself to heavy metals that may penetrate your bloodstream. Herbal medicine that contains heavy metals may also be dangerous, as well as contaminated water and fish caught in waters with high levels of mercury.

Lead, iron, mercury, and arsenic are the common heavy metals that can be found in our bodies. They can be toxic at high levels, but thankfully, we can flush them out of our systems through effective vitamin C chelation therapy. So if your job, leisurely activities, or health supplements potentially expose you to heavy metals, consider this treatment.

Caring for your looks and health doesn’t just make you more attractive, but a good example for other men as well. Instead of glorifying beer guts, binge drinking, and unkempt appearances, you’re teaching your fellow guys to love themselves more, which is done by abandoning unhealthy and neglectful habits.

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