How to Build Your Own Home

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How to Build Your Own Home

It isn’t the best time to own a home down under. In December 2019, house prices have had the highest monthly rise since 2003. Nationwide, housing costs increased to 1.7 per cent, while Sydney and Melbourne had a rise of 2.7 per cent and 2.2 per cent respectively. This is balanced out by the improving employment conditions of the industry. That said, buying a home, regardless of the housing price increase, is a reasonable step towards independent or family living. Building your own home is a whole lot different.

There’s also a sharp decline in the approval rates for new home construction, which makes building your own home a bit more challenging. But it remains a much better option than buying a high-rise unit from a building that’s constructed in substandard conditions.

Here’s how you can build your own home:

Consider the Location

Location plays a huge part in every home construction—not just for aesthetic or practical reasons but also for financial reasons. Adelaide in South Australia remains to have the most affordable lots, with prices averaging $413 per sqm. When you build a house in Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra, lot prices almost double or quadruple at smaller sizes. If you’re thinking of settling down in the quainter parts of the country, you can afford to buy your own home over the bush.

Getting the Architect or Building Designer

The best way to realise your dream home is to find the right architect or building designer for your needs and preferences. Such visionaries can bring to life what you could only have imagined your abode will be. They might have their own construction teams or are partners with timber sellers online in Melbourne, such as Tile Importer Pty Ltd, or other material suppliers where they can gain high-quality materials at reasonable prices. Sourcing an architect ensures that your home will stand the test of time.

Choosing the Right Builder

After all the research and designing you’ve done, it’s time to pick your construction team. According to the Australian Government, it’s as important as picking an architect or building designer. After all, your builder will ensure that every step and condition of the process is meticulously done and finished at the right time. As with architects and building designers, look for a builder that fits your needs, then have them give you a quotation.

Check their experience, especially if you want to have an eco-friendly home. If you do, they also need to commit to building a sustainable home.

Source the Right Materials

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When constructing your dream home, always consider where to source each material to be used. For practicality reasons, sourcing your local construction shops for supplies is always a good idea. It can also boost the economy of the area for a bit.

In building your home, you must consider the merits of each material and their impact on the environment through careful analysis and curating a good selection of materials that go well together. Sustainable materials are a good idea as there’s a reduced need or demand for newer materials. Stick to durable, low-maintenance building materials. Such materials can improve the building’s lifetime.

After that, it’s all just making sure everything goes according to plan. When done right, building your own home can give you a roof over your head without costing a fortune or negatively impacting the environment. That’s how you can build a home down under.

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