Interwebs: the Key to Success during the Pandemic


Interwebs: the Key to Success during the Pandemic

Remember when the older generation was extremely against the Internet? Look where we are now. The Internet has had a bad reputation for years. It took the blame for bad behavior in kids and their supposed laziness. Nowadays, though, especially during the pandemic, the Internet has redeemed itself into a vital aspect of the household.

The Internet has become essential. Upon waking, we check our social media for notifications and the latest updates from our friends and family. Our smartphones have been glued to our hands in recent years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Internet has deemed itself not just essential but also beneficial.

Internet: How do we use it?

Via the Internet, we have found ways to communicate and exchange goods in modern methods. Facebook, Amazon, Upwork — these sites have changed how we live in our technologically advanced world. Everything is in pixels by now.

The Internet is a constant aspect of our everyday lives. Daily tasks have been made easier to accomplish because of apps and software that improve speed and efficiency. Along with this comes the growing demand for more work from each individual.

In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, though, the world has shifted. Despite remaining an Internet-dominated world, lifestyles have changed. How we manage our time online and what we do online have changed to adapt to our needs during this pandemic. What changes have taken place?

The TikTok Phenomena

TikTok is a rising platform where thousands of users have been engrossed in, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. Dance tutorials, art challenges, photography hacks — the platform has a wide range of genres and topics where users will never run out of things to post or consume.

Aside from TikTok, though, during the pandemic, several trends have arisen. New food hacks, online shopping, Zoom parties — these trends allowed us to live in isolation without losing our minds. Thank you, Internet.

Netflix & Heal?

Apart from online trends and challenges, movies and stories have kept us from the black hole of cabin fever. Movie streaming services have allowed us to explore different stories despite being stuck at home. YouTube “vloggers” have allowed us a sneak peek into their lives as they share their experiences, keeping us from feeling alone.

Work from home

Remote Work

Due to isolation and social distancing protocols, many companies have opted for a work-from-home setup for their employees to keep them safe. Many resources have shared tips on how to increase productivity at home when your bed is more accessible than ever during office hours. Resources have also shared how to separate home life from work life despite having a single area for both.

Because of the Internet, we are given a chance to work remotely while maintaining almost the same productivity as before. Many meetings and conferences have become more efficiently planned when conducted online because of less need for transportation and other logistical requirements.

Mind & Body

Online workouts have been available even before the pandemic, but trying out these workouts has been popular, especially during the quarantine period. People have been trying to stay fit and healthy at home by doing exercises independently without their usual gym visit.

Apart from the physical aspect, there are also ways to take care of one’s mental health online. It might seem counterintuitive to stay online while taking care of one’s mind since the Internet is known to be a toxic place for emotional sensitivity. Despite this, though, the Internet offers ways to take care of one’s self. Telehealth therapy is available for those who need to consult without leaving their home.

Connected in Isolation

The Internet has been keeping us company during isolation. It helps us feel connected to our friends and family despite the distance. Loved ones are just a video call away. The Internet has also been a good news source and the latest data on the pandemic, though fact-checking should be given great attention.

Staying online has been a great way for us to stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the distance between us, we are given a chance to reconnect and stay connected. Although the Internet has been proven a great tool for us nowadays, it should also be kept in mind that a long duration of Internet usage and exposure to screens can take a toll on one’s self. Keep your eyes healthy by putting a cap on your screen usage each day or, if it can’t be avoided, at least allow yourself to rest in between video calls.

The Internet has evolved to be a useful tool, but overconsumption might still have negative effects, like everything else, if not controlled.

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