Key Considerations for Starting a Landscaping Business in the Philippines


Key Considerations for Starting a Landscaping Business in the Philippines

Landscaping in the Philippines is an exciting industry with plenty of untapped growth potential. In many ways, the country is only getting started when it comes to maximizing vast areas of land. With various commercial and residential developments in the pipeline, serving lifestyle and recreational needs as well as office and industrial spaces, there are many opportunities for a potential landscaping business startup.

If you’re the kind of entrepreneur who’s looking to not only turn a profit but forge ahead on a different path, this could be the perfect venture for you. But what are some unique considerations and challenges you might face in the industry? Here’s a quick overview.

Covering a wide range of skills

When you’re evaluating a business idea, you often begin by looking at what aspects of business you’re good at – and how they line up with the requirements of that industry. For landscaping, your existing know-how when it comes to networking and marketing will help you bring in more clients and bid for desirable projects. Good working knowledge of the financial and legal aspects of business certainly helps, as you obtain the necessary financing and hammer out the details of your contracts.

On top of that, having practical experience with site work will be valuable. If you are coming from a previous landscaping company, or have relevant experience from construction, architecture, or interior design, you may have what it takes to oversee on-site work. Otherwise, it’s advisable to hire personnel with the requisite supervisory capabilities while you take care of the business aspect of operations.

In the Philippines, there are unique variables to consider, such as climate, humidity, and the availability of suitable plant species. You may need to involve local suppliers and horticulture experts to ensure that the beauty of your design is maintained.

Who are your clients?

landscaping business

A landscaping business can start small, and your clients, for the most part, would be residential. Homeowners might be looking for a company to provide regular maintenance on their lawns or gardens. Or you could be tapped for a creative redesign based on your company’s portfolio of work. Some owners may also want landscaping work for added value improvements before eventually selling their property.

Expanding your clientele to commercial developments will open up several possibilities, including large office property maintenance and interiorscaping. The rewards may be greater, but you may need to recruit for more specialized skillsets.

What equipment do you need?

Considering the scope of work you’ll be doing will help determine the type of equipment you need to procure for your business. This helps you minimize initial outlay and investment, though it doesn’t hurt to plan and obtain some advanced gear.

Some basics to start include a reliable utility vehicle, safety equipment for your workers, and gardening essentials such as lawnmowers, trimmers, fertilizer, and pesticide sprayers. Simple digging tools like shovels, spades, and hoes will get most residential jobs done. You may want to have a saw or hedge shears handy to clear tree branches and messy bushes. As you move on to more complex jobs, look at heavy-duty construction equipment for sale, such as leveling machines, Volvo wheel loaders, and their various attachments, which expand the range of projects you can tackle.

Given the current scene in the Philippines, starting a landscaping business here provides you with an opportunity to become successful and be a pioneer in finding solutions for a wide range of facilities and up-and-coming developments.

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