A Sight For City Sore Eyes with the Help of Balconies

stainless steel balcony

A Sight For City Sore Eyes with the Help of Balconies

To Escape the City Life

Balconies, particularly in urban areas, bring about feelings of outdoor space, and to some extent, prestige. People also expect more from rising apartment prices, with those wanting balconies and private outdoor space being able to pay for it, regardless of whether they would be used or not. Cities in other countries like in Manhattan make it difficult for outdoor properties to flourish, particularly gardens, terraces, and balconies. For spaces that do offer these luxuries, people would have to pay more. While some people living in the city find the idea of staying in balconies frightful, some still see this as fancy and a way to go outdoors.

Providing Useful Purposes

Aside from prestige and being fancy, balconies can serve a very practical purpose. Cities and suburbs in Australia, for example, have had a rise in city and apartment living. A census from 2016 showed that more than 2 million Australians were living in apartments, roughly 10% of the population; for every five houses with people in them, there was at least one occupied apartment.

Formerly living in Brisbane, Robyn Nutt relocated to Mooloolaba a few years ago and wanted to have a balcony for her new place of stay. The reason? To house a garden. She echoes this statement by reflecting on what it takes to move, leaving behind friends, and the need to bring along something familiar, in this case, her plants. Her outdoor garden allowed her to get creative and adjust to balcony gardening, wherein plants needed more care compared to the natural environment of a backyard. Robyn is just one case among plenty of Australians who have started creating their mini-gardens from the comforts of their small living spaces and apartments.

balcony with awning and small garden

A Small Price to Pay for Space

While the trends for outdoor space in Australia continues to grow, data from the Bureau of Statistics showed that 28 deaths had been recorded from falling off of high structures or buildings in 2015, more than triple compared to deaths by drowning and swimming in pools. Aside from the statistics, balconies may pose a risk if unsafe and could potentially bring you or others harm if not taking preventive measures. The following steps can be undertaken for you to not only enjoy the view from your balcony but also ensure your safety and the safety of others as well.

In Good Condition

Balcony collapses are very rare and unlikely to happen, however, inspecting the area for any fault such as cracks, dents, and lippage on the floors can help avoid any mishaps and accidents. Before the construction of balconies, also ensure the effective use of safety tools and equipment like tile levelling systems and the help of a trusted builder in Australia. Ensuring safety before construction and after completion of the balcony is critical and can prevent accidents.

Safety Precautions

They may be expensive but are more cost-effective compared to dealing with injuries from accidents. Safety measures such as protective glass, automatic doors, and double locks and screens are great options for balcony safety. Coordinating with your builder for safety measures before and after the construction of the balcony can also give you peace of mind and focus on the benefits of your own outdoor space.

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