Techniques of Boosting the Security Level of Your Gate and Fence


Techniques of Boosting the Security Level of Your Gate and Fence

People are now more concerned about their security. This has seen the rise of security companies falling over themselves to provide the latest technologies for boosting your property’s security. There is nothing wrong with these sophisticated security systems, but they are expensive and beyond the reach of most property owners. You need not take loans and dig so deep into your budget, trying to get hi-tech security systems.

A wrought iron fence in your Los Angeles property, as well as an equally attractive gate, might be all you need to ensure a high er level of security. Most property owners only associate wrought iron fences and gates with a decorative aspect and assume that they should be used only in areas with minimal security threats.

With the right choices, you can transform your iron gates and fence into the most secure alternatives for your property. The following are some guidelines for boosting the security of wrought iron fencing and gates.

Get the Right Height

Settling for the maximum allowable fencing and gate height in your locality acts as a psychological deterrent for intruders on your property. In general, security fencing can be 5-6 feet tall for residential and commercial properties. There is a delicate balance between too high a fence and gate and one that shows off a sneak peek of your property and does not entirely alienate you from the world. Therefore, you should rely on an expert’s input to get the right balance.

Add a Secondary Fence Layer

The double fence row approach boosts the privacy, soundproofing, and security levels of your property. This will allow you to show off the designs of your wrought iron fences and gates without compromising your privacy. The secondary layer, in this case, can be in the form of chain link fences or live fences.

The live fences that might suffice include different trees and bushes with tightly packed foliage. These should be planted a few meters from the fence so that their juices and water droplets do not compromise the integrity of the wrought iron.

Entrench the Foundation of the Fence and Gate

wrough iron gate

Several methods exist for installing a wrought iron fence and gate. The most secure is entrenching them in a concrete foundation. Once dry, it is almost impossible for an intruder to uproot the gate or fence from a concrete foundation. The interiors of your fence can also be buried deep into the ground to prevent intrusion by digging under the fence and gate posts.

Choose the Right Finials for the Top Edge of Your Gate and Fence

Finials are primarily decorative elements for wrought iron fences and gates. With the correct picks, they can also become a security element. Choose sharp, pointed finials rather than round-edged ones to discourage fence and gate climbers. These also avert the perching of birds that would cause some corrosion of the fence from their droppings.

With the above alternatives, wrought iron gates and fencing might be the answer to your security needs. Their installation, unlike that of other materials, is professionally done. The professionals are, after all, the only ones equipped with the right machines and techniques for bending the fence and attaching its various elements.

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