Creative Personal Touches to Make Your Home Stand Out

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Creative Personal Touches to Make Your Home Stand Out

Every owner wants a home to call their own and not some cookie-cutter or ordinary house. Some go with larger and extravagant homes to stand out from the usual generic houses. Unfortunately, expensive and superficial remodels can make your house seem tacky, especially if they serve little to no purpose. Customize your home with inexpensive and functional additions that will give it distinction and personality.

1. Plant a Stone Marker

Veer away from the usual numbered mailboxes and opt for a more solid (literally) option to identify your home address. A stone marker or address stone adds distinction to your home and makes it a little more imposing. A large stone marker attracts attention without seeming tacky or extravagant. It gives your house a historic feel, especially if you tone down your house paint.

Stone markers are also more memorable and should eliminate any confusion regarding deliveries. Address stones come in variable shapes and sizes. They cost around $150, but you can opt for bigger ones if they can blend with your property’s aesthetics. You can customize the engravings on your address stone, but sticking to just the address is still the best option.

2. Get a Fire Pit

Nothing gets the spirit soaring like a good fire. A fire pit in your backyard allows you to lounge outside the house at night or in the cold. Invite a few friends over for beer and conversation and light up the night with flickering flames. While dancing embers and the sound of crackling wood certainly add to the ambiance, they can also pose a safety risk or fire hazard. Traditional fire pits require proper maintenance and great care to ensure the fire remains contained and under control.

Opting for a gas-powered fire pit is a better option. It is easier to operate and can be turned on and off with a flick of a switch. A gas-powered fire pit emits no burning particulates and produces little to no smoke. Add fire stones to the pit to create more stunning visuals. Go for colored stones to set the mood or to match the aesthetics of your party or gathering.

3. Add an Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen

Add a bit of elegance to your home and add a bit more space with an outdoor kitchen. It makes your home less messy and makes entertaining guests more convenient. An outdoor kitchen is also a great way to make full use of your property, especially if you aren’t into gardening or landscaping. Outdoor kitchens are great for more social individuals. Hosting parties will be a cinch, and your home can easily become the center of your neighborhood.

Start with proper decking. You don’t want to cook with just the ground on your feet, so opt for wood or stone. Wood is a more traditional and classy choice, while the stone is more functional and easier to clean and maintain. While outdoor barbecues are fine, a single grill doesn’t make an outdoor kitchen. You’ll need stoves and ranges, as well as a proper sink for meal preparations. Add a cooler or two if you want to serve cold drinks. You can even add a makeshift bar for mixing drinks for bigger or more extravagant gatherings.

4. Build a Modern Greenhouse

Very few homes have greenhouses, so one will immediately make your home stand out. A greenhouse is a great way to pass the time or even earn a bit of money. You can opt for beautiful and ornamental plants and flowers, or you can cultivate cash crops for the money. Growing beautiful plants and flowers can be therapeutic. Invite friends over for tea and go back to simpler Victorian times.

Of course, a greenhouse can also earn big money. If you have the patience, growing ginseng or mushrooms can be quite lucrative. If your state allows it, you can even grow cannabis and sell it to your local dispensary. Opt for a modern greenhouse instead of traditional glass ones.

Most modern greenhouse use polycarbonate sheets instead of glass, making them more resilient to damage and less expensive. Polycarbonate sheets also disperse sunlight as it passes, evenly distributing it to your crops. For better efficiency, opt for a geodesic dome greenhouse. These greenhouses look more suited for Mars than Earth and will certainly turn a few heads.

You can add distinction to your home and make it stand out from the rest of the generic, cookie-cutter houses. Customize your home to fit your personality and taste with a few additions that won’t break the bank.

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