Living the Married Life: Benefits and Challenges

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Living the Married Life: Benefits and Challenges

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re already married, or at least you’re planning to. This means that you might already have a good grasp of how a relationship functions and what you’d likely face in that endeavor. However, to succeed in your marriage, you need to understand how it improves your life and what challenges you need to overcome. This article will help with that.

Why Is Marriage Good for You?

People can be quite skeptical when it comes to marriage. While jokes about being a husband or a wife may be nothing more than what they are, one can’t help but wonder why someone could have a negative outlook on marriage. This is especially true if you consider that the list of benefits of a good marriage is actually quite a long one.

Life Saver

Before anything else, we just want to put it out there that, no, the burden of saving yourself should not be placed on your partner’s shoulder. However, this does not negate the fact that marriage can be a lifesaver. This is because when you’re in a happy and caring marriage, you tend to live a healthier life as compared to being on your own.

The Drive to Be Successful

Marriage is not a money-making machine. Still, there’s a huge chance that you’d earn more money when you’re married. This is because when you have a partner to take care of and a family you’re planning to or already have, there will always be that insatiable hunger deep within you that drives you to be successful so that you can provide for your family.

A Place for Mental Health Development

Another advantage of living a married life is that you are never alone. A person who is always alone has a higher tendency of developing various mental health issues. This is because when you’re in a relationship, you are generally happier and always have someone to talk to about how you feel. That being said, marriage helps improve your mental health.


Not a single thing in this world is more rewarding than having a child. While the topic of childbearing is an entire conversation on its own, we can’t deny that even though there are challenges, being a parent is a noble act for anyone. The first step towards realizing that is by being married to the person you want to build your future with.

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Common Marital Problems

Unfortunately, not all marriages can keep upholding the views that both parties share from the beginning. There are times when things get really tough, and the state of the marriage is put at risk. Some of the main reasons why this happens are the following:

Money Issues

There is probably nothing sadder than seeing a marriage fall apart because of monetary problems. It’s always unfortunate to witness when conflicts about expenses overpower the strength of any relationship. What makes things worse is the fact that money problems in marriages are quite common.

Bad Habits

Another common problem in marriages is bad habits. Sadly, these are some of those things that could be easily prevented. Bad habits include drinking, nagging, messiness, or worse, being involved with illegal drugs. Professional counseling and looking for homes that provide sober living for women and men early in the marriage are essential in maintaining the relationship.

Issues with Children

We’ve mentioned this earlier, but it’s worth mentioning again. Having children is a gratifying life endeavor. However, we’re not going to hide the fact that raising children also brings a lot of stress. When two people cannot handle the challenges of parenting, it can become detrimental to their marriage.


This is a natural part of life. We experience it in almost every task but at different intensities. The thing about stress is that, at first, it might not seem to be reason enough to put any marriage at risk. Yet, being stressed most of the time can magnify and even multiply problems you and your partner are facing.

Poor Communication

If you look at any good marriage and pay attention to their behavior, you will see that a common denominator between successful relationships is good communication. The ability to freely talk to your partner about how you feel without being judged while also not causing damage to your partner’s mental health is essential. Without this proper line of communication, the future of your marriage becomes all the more blurry.

Getting married is a tricky stage of our lives, and the challenges that come after it, like keeping the marriage alive and building a family, are even harder. However, if you understand why you got married in the first place and what sorts of marital problems you need to avoid, it will be one of the best parts of your lifetime.

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