The Road to a Better You

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The Road to a Better You

Who doesn’t want to improve? No one is content with their current self. The current self is just a phase, and there’s always the next step. Whether the next step is progression or regression is an entirely different matter. But if you want to become better and are keen on improving, here’s a quick guide to help you out.

Reframe Your Perspective

Everyone has regrets. We’re not exactly born with them, but they’re something we develop just by living our lives. We wish we had done this or that. We should’ve done this or that. Should haves and would haves are fine, but don’t let them define you. The future is still uncertain, and that means you have the power to change.

Try your best to re-frame your perspective on your experience. Realize that your experiences all contributed to your very being now and that you have learned more because of those experiences. Not everyone has the perfect childhood or life experience, but letting pessimism dictate your life only hurts you.

Start with Your Posture

The road to a better you starts with standing up straight. Quite literally. Improving your posture brings about a lot of physical and mental benefits. From reducing lower back pain to lessening the tension in the shoulder and neck region, proper posture does a lot in keeping you healthy and pain-free.

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But it also does wonders with your self-image. Many people tend to slouch and crane their necks forwards. This is often a result of a sedentary lifestyle and having to sit in front of a computer for hours. And this makes many people seem way shorter than they should be, and in some cases, even affecting confidence levels. To improve yourself, practice improving your posture first.

Learn to Communicate Better

Humans are social beings. We need others to feel complete. We need to communicate, express emotions, share ideas- these are basic human needs. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the gift of gab. Fortunately, communication is a skill, and like with any skill, it can be improved and developed.

And no, being ‘old’ is not an excuse not to improve your communication skills. You’re never old enough to improve your eloquence. You can start by looking up resources on speech improvement. There’s a wide variety of resources and tutorials in pulling out your best voice. Next is to read, read, and read even more. Read everything and anything. Why? Because reading sharpens the mind, and it teaches wit and humor. Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself talking about more things, laughing, and appreciating ideas you were barely familiar with before.

Find the Style that Works for You

Just because Mark Zuckerberg always wears a white t-shirt doesn’t mean you should too. Reputation is earned, and physical image comes second to it. But for those still building their reputation, dressing appropriately and looking appealing will help people have a better impression of you. Finding the style that works for you will increase your confidence.

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Go out there and find the style that works for you. It might take a while, and you might go through different fashion styles or themes, but the effort will be worth it. Remember to go for what makes you comfortable and confident. Your fashion should reflect your personality and goals, but it shouldn’t feel like you’re imposing on yourself. Whatever it is, if it gives you confidence in yourself, then it will help you in your journey to becoming better.

Take Care of Your Body

We’ve already talked about looks, but that also extends to your body. Taking care of yourself includes taking care of your body. And that means eating right and working out consistently. Consider signing up for a gym, not just to look good but to feel good as well. Being healthy and fit is a definite sign of improvement, and it should be a part of everyone’s self-improvement checklist.

While your health and physique matter, your skin and hair matter as well. Get SMP treatment if you need to improve your hair. Or visit a dermatologist for a good skincare routine. Have a professional barber chose a style that fits the shape of your head. Don’t neglect your outer appearance in fear of being ‘shallow.’ It’s still an important part of you and is part of improving the whole you.

After reading this, what you need next is action. Go out and follow these pointers. The first step to being the best you is intention. The second is action.

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