Pointers for Improving Vacation Rental Guest Experience


Pointers for Improving Vacation Rental Guest Experience

Investors and property management firms have hopped on the vacation rental bandwagon, and it’s easy to see why. More and more travelers are abandoning hotels in favor of rental properties, thanks to lower rates, better locations, and more personalized experiences. If you have a vacation home that sits empty most of the year, now is the perfect time to monetize it.

But with the entry of professional firms into the short-term rental marketplace, competition becomes more intense, and ordinary property owners are at risk of being pushed out. Tools like Airbnb management software can help you better manage your rental properties, but if you want to gain a competitive edge, you need to improve your offerings and amenities.

Here are a few ways to upgrade your vacation rental properties:

1. Write a good listing

Guests regularly go through dozens of listings when looking for a vacation rental, so if you want your property to stand out, you need to make an excellent first impression. Create a well-written description that highlights your property’s best features and complement it with professional-looking photos.

If your rental is near famous landmarks or tourist sites, make sure to mention it in the copy. Don’t forget to update the description if you’ve made renovations or additions to the property. Use vivid imagery to drive your message home (e.g., a five-minute walk to the beach, direct views of the historic town square).

Photos are an essential component of a premium listing as well. Arrange the images in a way that helps guests imagine your property and end with a detailed floor plan to tie it all together.


2. Create a travel guide

One of the advantages of a vacation rental over a hotel is you can personalize the experience to fit the guest’s preferences. You can make your rental property seem more put together by creating a travel guide to make your guest’s stay more memorable.

For instance, if your property is located near the beach, you can highlight all the best spots and hangouts in the guidebook. Share a few local dos and don’ts and maybe even recommend your favorite bars and restaurants.

3. Improve the interior design

Many travelers book a rental property based on its interior design alone. If the property is located in a heritage district, you can use the unique architecture of the area to influence the design of your property.

A tropical motif always does well in beachside properties, and you can never go wrong with cabin-inspired decor for mountain rentals. And even if there’s nothing noteworthy about the location, a few tasteful touches can improve the appeal of your vacation rental.

These things will help you elevate your rental property. It’s not enough to simply list your vacation rental on Airbnb. If you want your listing to stand out, you need to invest in improvements that will make your guest’s stay memorable for all the right reasons. Simple touches like providing luxury toiletries and providing a curated tour go a long way in improving the guest experience.

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