Preventing Car Break-ins: How to Keep Burglars Away

Car break-in

Preventing Car Break-ins: How to Keep Burglars Away

Car break-ins are devastating. Not only do they compromise the state of your vehicle but also lead to loss of valuables. You end up experiencing a significant monetary dent in repairs as well as the value of stolen items. Fortunately, there are some simple yet practical interventions to help dissuade burglars.

Install Tinting

In most cases, burglars are attracted by what they see. If they can’t see inside your car, there’s uncertainty on whether there’s anything worth the risk of breaking in. Installing a commercial window tint in AZ obscures your automobile’s view, which, in turn, dissuades thieves. In addition to keeping burglars away, there are tints with special features that protect you from the effects of UV rays as well as glass shattering in case of broken windows.

Before buying your films, find out what the darkest legally acceptable shade of tint is in your state. Doing this before installation protects you from removing it later. Once you’ve made your pick, have a professional install it for you.

Have a Security System

Thieves are cautious and wouldn’t want anything that draws attention to them. Their aim is to be done with it fast, without making their actions questionable. When you install a car security system, an alarm will go off if there’s an attempted break-in.

High-quality alarms allow for knock and motion sensors. They will alert you in case of unauthorized entry into the trunk and opening of the hood. Opt for a system that not only sets the alarm off in case of something suspicious but also notifies you of the same through your phone.

Choose Parking Carefully

The security of your car is significantly affected by your choice of parking. Thieves don’t like being under attention and prefer areas where they can operate unnoticed to minimize the chances of identification. Park your vehicle in an area that’s well lit to keep it highly visible. Parking under a streetlight at night is a great choice.

When at home, park in the garage to keep your car out of sight. Incorporating video surveillance in your driveway will act as a deterrent, too. If you’re out and about, consider leaving your vehicle in an area with high traffic instead of quiet streets.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Car thief

Thieves are attracted to valuables that they can see left in the car, so make sure to keep your belongings out of sight. Instead of leaving duffel bags, or shopping and electronic items in the car, for instance, take them with you after parking.

If this isn’t possible, hide them well inside. Covering them with a towel or blanket will conceal whatever is beneath, and thieves won’t be interested. Another way to put items out of sight is by locking them up in the trunk. For small valuables, use the glove compartment.

As seen above, burglars are most attracted by things they can see. The less visible the interior of your car is, the less attracted they will be. Keep thieves away by installing tint, concealing valuables, having a car security system and choosing your parking wisely.

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