Getting the Job Done with a Spray Booth

Man spraying paint to the car

Getting the Job Done with a Spray Booth

Manufacturers use spray booths to apply the coating and paint to products. They ensure the safety of employees and are required by law as part of the finishing or manufacturing process. Not using a spray booth is like driving without a license, which could mean the closure of your business. There are a lot of spray booths for sale, which will help you avoid going against the law and dealing with the consequences.

Why Use a Spray Booth?

Using a spray booth offers many benefits for your employees and your products. The following are the most common reasons you should use a spray booth:

  1. Controlled Environment for Easy Coating

Many factors can affect the outcome, no matter what method of spraying or coating you use. Humidity, dust, temperature, and other environmental factors are all usual concerns. A spray booth brings about a controlled environment, which takes away these concerns. It also allows you to focus your efforts on the task at hand. The controlled environment might even aid in drying coatings and paint faster.

  1. Control of Hazardous Materials

Particles and fumes from your coating materials spread faster than you think and can be detrimental to the safety and health of your employees. Spray booths, along with spray booth filter, can be useful to contain these elements and maintain the purity of the air in your workplace.

  1. Clean Painting Environment

Debris and dust can settle onto the surface as the spray coatings and paint dry. This can result in a pitted, uneven surface. It can even decrease the longevity of your finished product by keeping the surface exposed. A spray booth keeps the area free from debris and dust, so you can control those materials that are applied to your products.

How Spray Booths Work

Man at a spray booth

Booths require air in order to have a good airflow going through the booth. If the booth doesn’t get the necessary air it needs, then the airflow from inside the booth is lesser than the needed 100 FPM. The paint overspray will not be whisked away and the painter is left standing with a cloud of overspray that settles to the floor.

Filters are the most important part of the spray booth. It must be able to hold and capture the overspray. Otherwise, cheap filters that don’t work end up costing you a lot of money.

A good exhaust chamber with an outlet for the stack and steel filter holding frames are required by NFPA-33. Keep this in mind if you are thinking of having a home-built booth.

It is important that you use a spray booth whenever you do a manufacturing or finishing process. Keep in mind the safety of your employees and buy only the equipment from reliable suppliers. There are a lot of reputable suppliers you can contact out there. The law requires that use of a spray booth for a reason. Observe proper use of spray booths, so you won’t go wrong. This way, you can stay compliant and maintain the safety of your business premises.

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