Singapore’s Changi Airport Sets the Bar for Luxury Stays

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Singapore’s Changi Airport Sets the Bar for Luxury Stays

What makes Changi Airport, Singapore’s prime landing field, one of the best in the world? There are a lot of reasons, but it’s mostly the fact that it makes sure airport stays remain comfortable and even luxurious.

In other countries, “luxury stays” at the airport seems to be a silly idea. Why would one want to spend more time than is required in a place where it is mostly cramped? But when you are in Singapore, everything changes. Once you get a sneak peek of a Changi airport hotel, situated within the complex to serve those who need a great place to stay without having to clear immigration yet, you will understand how this progressive city state sets the bar for luxury airport stays.

Whether you are just quickly passing through, having a layover, or needing an overnight sleepover because you are simply too tired to start an adventure after a long haul, the most luxurious, amenities-packed hotel is here to offer you comfort, convenience, and even world-class entertainment.

From the Airport and Beyond

A good thing about Changi Airport is that it’s layout is well drafted to ensure everybody have a nice time, whether they stay for an hour or two or overnight. For one, there are lots of food joints, most are open 24/7, to keep you well fed and satisfied. For another, it is packed with typical amenities but always high standards – from WiFi to shower rooms to mobile charging outlets to lounges and rest zones, you will never get short of features you usually need when you are away from home.

What’s more, Changi aiport terminals are well connected. You can even walk from one terminal to the next if you want to give yourself a bit of exercise. And why would you traverse all the terminals? Well, that’s because each one has a unique attraction you could not miss.

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Transition in Style

As if those comfort features are not enough, you may take advantage of the Changi Airport hotel complex to make your transition quite like a vacation. This is the best recourse if you want cosy, uninterrupted sleep during a layover or before you get through immigration and go out into the sprawling city. The luxury hotel complex does not only house sleeping facilities. It also has several attractions, garden areas, retail shops, and dining spots on board. It’s the place to be to experience the HSBC Rain Vortex. At 40 meters tall, this is the world’s tallest and largest indoor waterfall. It is also the place to enjoy the Shiseido Forest Valley and the Canopy Park.

Sometimes, sleeping at the airport, even when you are at the Changi International Airport is not as comfortable. Changi is packed with cushioned couches and chairs, long benches, and even carpeted floors where you can spread out. But at times, it could still be difficult to sleep well because of the bright lights and uncontrollable noise. Fortunately, Singapore ensured this concern is addressed through airport hotels that are housed within the complex. You will never have to go too far to enjoy luxury comfort stays.

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