‘Tis the Season to Get Your Deck Ready for Winter


‘Tis the Season to Get Your Deck Ready for Winter

The addition of a porch and deck will significantly boost the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your outdoor space. Both features are great options to enhance outdoor entertainment and relaxation.

For most property owners, a deck and a porch are the same things. Porches are, however, an addition to your property’s entryways, and are thus installed at the front of your home. They have a roofing system, but their sides are ordinarily open for optimal airflow. Screens can be installed to enclose the porch.

Decks made of fire rated decking materials, on the other hand, are generally expansive and uncovered vinyl or wooden platforms built in the backyard. Your deck can be attached to your main house or freestanding and can either be elevated on sturdy posts or sitting close to the ground.

In most properties, decks are only used in summer since they are exposed to the harsh elements of winter and autumn. With some tweaks, however, your deck can be an ideal choice for relaxing even in winter.

Here are some ideas for transforming your deck just in time for snow:

Enhance Your Exterior Lighting

Lighting your deck is one of the best options for brightening it up amidst the drab atmosphere of cold weather.  Proper deck lighting will also ensure your space remains usable all-year-round. There are now several options used for outdoor lighting but colored LED lighting might be the best choice. This transforms your outdoor space into an impressive entertainment spot.

Invest In Outdoor Heating

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An outdoor heater is an ideal choice for adding some style on your deck and keeping you warm in the cold. There are now several fuel options for powering your outdoor heater, but gas and electric heaters are among the popular ones.

Firepits and fireplaces will also be useful not just for warming up the place but for also toasting marshmallows on cold nights. It is essential to keep your heating appliance elevated to avoid heat damage and stray sparks to even fire-resistant decking materials.

Upgrade Your Deck’s Material

It takes a lot of work between staining, sealing and sanding to keep your deck in optimal shape. When winter sets in, unfortunately, most of your maintenance work can be undone with the weather. Your ideal choice, in this instance, is to have a composite decking material. Composite wood is mixed with plastic and boosts the natural resistance of the wood while easing its maintenance. It also looks and feels like authentic timber.

Consider Installing a Temporary Cover

The addition of a cover to your deck will protect you from the rains and your deck material from the effects of wet weather. Patio covers and canopy awnings are some of the cover alternatives you have for your deck. You can also screen the deck’s sides to boost your privacy and add an aesthetic appeal to the deck.

Thanks to the above alternatives, your deck can now be used at any time regardless of the weather conditions. This gives you value for your investment in an outdoor living space.

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