Top Ways to Defog and Defrost Your Car Windows

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Top Ways to Defog and Defrost Your Car Windows

Driving with foggy or frosty windows can be dangerous and life threatening. Fortunately, there are simple tricks to getting rid of both so that you can ensure your safety on the road.

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It can be annoying when your windows fog up now and then. It gets even more annoying when you wipe it off only for the glass to fog up again in less than a minute. So, how do you get rid of the fog that persistently blocks your auto glass windows in Phoenix, AZ?

First, you have to understand how the fog appears. Fog appears on your windshield when the windows inside your car are colder than the dew point, which is the temperature when dew starts to form, and there’s moisture inside your car. The moisture will then condense and cause fog to appear.

Now that you understand why your windows fog up, here’s how to get rid of it.

  • Turn your air conditioner on – The cool air from the air conditioner will remove the moisture in the air and, in turn, the fog.
  • Turn the heater on – If it’s already too cold outside, you can turn the heater on. This will heat the windows until they’re above the dew point.
  • Open the windows – If there’s cool air outside and it’s not too cold or it’s not raining, then pull down the windows and let some fresh air in. The cool air from outside will remove the moisture and therefore remove the fog on your windows.
  • Turn off the recirculation button – Do you know the button on your car with an arrow that looks like a U-turn? That’s the recirculation button. Turn it off when the weather is cold. Why? Because the air inside your car will just go around your vehicle, and humidity gets trapped inside. This is when the fog starts to appear on your windows. So when it’s cold outside, turn off the recirculation button and let some fresh air in.
  • Get rid of excess water from your clothes and umbrella – If you just sprinted to get inside your car and away from the pouring rain, you’ll definitely fog up your windows when you drive off. That’s because the excess water from your clothes or your umbrella will turn into moisture and it will fog up your windows.

For frosted windows

Cars covered with snow

If you have a frosted window, here’s what you need to do.

  • Stock on de-icers when it’s winter – Make sure you have an ample stock of de-icers to ensure that your windshield won’t freeze. Always use it on your windows before you drive off, especially when it’s parked outside overnight because it will definitely be frozen when morning comes.
  • Keep the speed below 50mph – This tip will help you get rid of the frost on your windows because the heat from your car and the heater will warm up the windshield and melt the ice. According to experts, even if you use de-icers on your windshield, it won’t help if you’re driving too fast on the freeway. So keep your speed under 50mph, and you’ll get to your destination in one piece.

If you’ve done everything you could and your windows are still fogging up or gathering frost, it would be better to get off the road and stay on the curb until your windshield is clear enough for you to see through it clearly again.

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