Travel-ready Skincare Products You Should Bring for Your Next Trip


Travel-ready Skincare Products You Should Bring for Your Next Trip

Traveling is a healthy addiction for our bodies. It is an exciting form of relaxation that benefits our mind, body, and soul. But how about your skin? Here’s one fact that travel guides won’t tell you: The type of climate at your destination affects how your skin looks.

Between the dirty cabin air, lack of sleep, changing humidity level, and travel-induced stress, your skin will certainly become compromised when traveling. From preparing the passport to packing your bags, skincare is likely the last thing on your priority.

Without the products in your skincare routine, you will leave your complexion oily and dry. So before hopping on your next flight, take a minute and discover the “must-have” skincare products to keep your skin healthy and fresh-looking the entire trip!

1. Moisturizer

Do you know that the dry air circulating an airplane cabin completely absorbs moisture from anywhere, including your skin? This is certainly bad news for people who have a terrible case of dry skin.

Before boarding, pack an intensive moisturizing cream for your hands and body. A good moisturizer makes a big difference by keeping your skin looking healthy while up in the sky. For quick results, look for an ultra-hydrating product with a fast-acting blend to instantly revive your skin before and after plane travel.

But if you are not sure which moisturizer works for you, a dermatologist expert such as Dr. Saami can help. He can offer treatments to get your skin ready before traveling and prevent unexpected skin issues like acne and sun damage. Having a dermatologist helps a lot when picking the right products for your skin.

2. Sunscreen

Anyone who cares so much about their skin cannot live without good sunscreen. Ask the experts, and they will tell you the importance of SPF when traveling. Using sunscreen goes a long way by keeping your skin in good shape. Regardless of which destination you are traveling to, always apply sunscreen even on the plane. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF50 is ideal skincare protection for traveling.

3. Facial mist spray

Spraying a facial mist spray is an essential skincare habit you should never forget. Whether you are on a long vacation or weekend trip, packing a facial mist spray should be on your checklist. Hydrating face mists will keep your skin refreshed and hydrated throughout the trip.

Spritzing a fair amount of facial mist adds moisture to your skin that can last a day. You might find this helpful, especially if you have dry skin or traveling in a colder climate.

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4. Facial cleanser

If you are wearing makeup on your trip, make sure to bring a hydrating gentle cleanser. A cleanser is more important than other skincare products combined. Applying a cleanser ensures that you have removed oil and dirt from your face at the end of the day. Keep in mind that unclean skin paves the way to skin problems.

5. Facial wipes

If carrying a facial cleanser is too much work for you, makeup removing towelettes or pre-moistened facial wipes are the best alternatives. You can simply pack them in a ziplock pouch. What’s great about facial wipes is that you can use them anywhere, whether on a plane or at the beach.

But make sure to buy good quality facial wipes. If you want your skin to be completely free from dirt, a cleanser is still necessary. Makeup towelettes or wipes can clean your skin only if you use a gentle cleanser.

6. Sheet masks

Sheet masks are skincare products packed in a fragile package. That is why sheet masks are convenient to bring on a trip since they don’t take extra luggage space. Sheet masks are like treatment-soaked papers that make an excellent alternative for your nighttime skincare routine. If you can’t pack your serum and special creams with you, get yourself some sheet masks for the trip.

7. Eye cream

Traveling abroad means dealing with jet lag and changing time zones. You are likely to develop eye bags because of a lack of beauty sleep! If you want to fight the puffiness around the eyes, bring a good under-eye cream. Another alternative is a cooling eye mask or crushed ice wrapped in a washcloth. Before sleeping, apply it to your eyes to keep them refreshed.

If you have a jade roller, use it after applying eye cream to prevent further puffiness. It’s also a great self-care ritual to promote great skin and relaxation.

We all want to look great in our travel photos when we upload them on Instagram. If you make your skin a priority even while traveling, you don’t have to apply makeup to make your skin look good and feel good. Take note of the products above to maintain fresh-looking skin anywhere you go!

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