Truckers Living Dangerously: Preparing for the Possibilities

Truck driving posing beside his truck

Truckers Living Dangerously: Preparing for the Possibilities

Driving a truck can be dangerous. A commercial truck driver often faces grave risks while on the job. When involved in an accident you could incur a non-fatal injury or even death, which could cause some disagreements between you and your employer. You might need the services of a truck labor attorney in Washington state. Years of experience on the road could not prepare you for the moment when you find yourself hurt and incapacitated and vulnerable after an accident. Drivers need to know safety procedures, health equipment and first-aid strategies that can save their lives or someone else’s. A truck driver needs to learn more about the risks and make any journey relaxed and safe.

Factors contributing to truck wrecks

Driving a vehicle weighing a ton or so comes with inherent risks. Heavy tractor-trailers travel miles of highways, and every twist and turn of the road could hold a few surprises and challenges. The high risk for a crash is a consequence of the length of time you spend on the road. Moreover, some factors increase the risk even more, including improper handling and loading of the vehicle, inadequate maintenance, defective vehicle parts, driver fatigue, drunk driving, distracted driving, and reckless driving, among others. Another important contributing factor is driver error from another vehicle on the road. No matter how careful you try to be other people using the road may not be as cautious.

Sometimes, drivers could be tempted to break traffic rules and regulations or take unnecessary risks to achieve quotas. In trying to attain targets set by their employees, they overlook safety risks. In such cases, it is best to ask the advice of a lawyer to ask for the benefits you are entitled to when this happens.

Injuries suffered by truckers in road accidents

Private car about to hit a truck Based on data provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the most common injuries truck drivers suffer in road accidents include ligamentous sprains, muscle strains, bruises, lacerations, chronic musculoskeletal pain, concussions, and fractures. More than half of the injuries reported were related to musculoskeletal sprains and strains. These minor injuries heal after a day or two, allowing the driver to get back to work. However, lack of proper treatment and poor healing leads to chronic pain that may cause disabilities later in life.

Of particular concern are back and neck injuries from continuous driving and lifting of cargo. Some truck drivers do not receive training and proper lifting and serve long hours on the road without breaks. Strenuous activities and poor posture eventually lead to disabling pain and possibly nerve injuries requiring physical therapy and other types of rehabilitation.

Professional truckers take to the road five to seven times a week and cover thousands of miles. If you want to maintain a good safety record and avoid injuries and truck accidents you need to take precautions but still prepare for the possibility of such situations. Moreover, you should care for your health and well-being so that you can continue making a living.

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