Why Unfamiliar Workouts Tend to Sap You of Motivation

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Why Unfamiliar Workouts Tend to Sap You of Motivation

Nothing beats clocking in the gym early right as the professional cleaners take their leave for the day; it’s just nice knowing you’re there before the sun even has the chance to pull ahead of you, and you’re making good use of time. Plus, given that we’re still in the middle of a global pandemic, it doesn’t hurt to take a few extra precautionary steps, such as coming in early when there’s the least amount of people to disturb your workout routine.

However, if there’s one thing every fitness enthusiasts dread, regardless of how early they arrive or how adept they are at working out, it’s the need to switch up their exercises and to integrate new and unfamiliar workouts. Not because they’re slackers, but because integrating new exercises just has the tendency to sap you of motivation and make the routine all the more grueling. Find out why exactly this happens and what you can do to overcome this problem.

No Matter What You Do, Trying New Exercises Is Inevitable

For those of the crowd that thinks you can skip the need to switch your exercises now and then, no matter what you do, trying new exercises will always be an inevitable change. Much like anything else in this world, it’s when we try something new and introduce something foreign that we can grow, and your body physique will also plateau if it doesn’t receive any new stimulation. So before you go thinking that the same-old routine will do you good for the long term, understand that this will also stunt any further growth no matter how much you overload the weight.

  • Your Body Adapts And Learns: Firstly, one reason why we can’t afford to do the same exercises, again and again, is because the body adapts and learns every time you do it. The body will naturally search for ways to reduce the amount of energy exerted to do a certain task and therefore also reduces the amount of benefit your receive in return.
  • It Gets Boring And Stale: Secondly, whether you admit it or not, doing the same old workout routine will get boring and stale no matter how skilled you are at perseverance and routine work. In fact, all previous and current Mr. Olympias also had to switch up their exercises when they stopped providing any benefit or challenge, and you should also follow the same principle.
  • A One-Trick Pony With Zero Conditioning: Finally, while doing the same exercises does allow you to excel at these specific tasks, it also turns you into a one-trick pony with zero conditioning. Remember, one of your goals should be mind and body connection with everyday movements and functionality at the core, so you might find it very helpful to try how Anthony Ramos does his workouts.

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Here’s What You Need To Do

Putting all these reasons aside, we also acknowledge just how dull it can get to try something new and fail; it hurts your pride and somehow makes you feel like all those years spent working out were for nothing. However, trying new exercises and incorporating unfamiliar workouts are but another challenge to overcome, and with a bit of determination, you can easily work your way back up.

#1 Start Slow, Use Transitionary Exercises

Number one, It’s no use trying to do the most complex movements, be it isolation or compound, right at the get-go. Not only is it impossible, but it also puts you at risk of injury and losing more gains in the process. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you start slow and utilize transitionary exercises and beginner-friendly alternatives to your advantage. For example, don’t expect to do muscle-ups right away; work on the pull and press motion separately until you can do both together.

#2 Don’t Think About Weight, Focus On Form

Number two, even when you’ve gotten that hang of certain exercises, don’t expect to be pumping top weight anytime soon. This puts unnecessary stress on your joints and forces you to compensate with muscles that shouldn’t normally be the ones pulling the weight. You want to focus on form first and mastering the entire movement, strengthening your mind-muscle connection and giving you full control of the exercise.

#3 Endure The Process Of Learning For The Time Being

Number three, much like the inspiring story of saving The Three Tuns pub — it’s going to be a long process. So don’t go thinking about rolling to your side and staying flat when you’ve just begun because integrating new workout routines will always take time. Our advice is to endure and stay focused on your goal, and after a couple of weeks, you’ll be surprised at how much progress you’ll be making in no time.

Overall, workout motivation is the foundation of learning anything new, and while it might falter at the beginning stages, determination to follow through will always prevail. So, grit your teeth, accept the change, and we can promise you gains in return.

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