Unusual Ways to Explore a New City

exploring the city of new york

Unusual Ways to Explore a New City

Traveling is one of those things that one can never get tired of doing. There is always something new to see, explore, and discover. But it can get tiring to travel in the same old way: hitting all the tourist destinations, eating at the places with great reviews, and taking loads of social-media-worthy pictures. You may find yourself wondering how to get the most out of what a city has to offer without going the same route as every other tourist. Here are some suggestions for you on unusual ways to explore a city:

Go on a public transport tour

Taking public transport to explore a city is a great alternative to taking tour buses. It helps you mix in with the locals and allows you to experience the city the way they do in their day-to-day lives. You will see so much more along the way than if you sit at a guided tour and pay attention to things only when they are pointed out to you. Taking public transport forces you to be alert and savor every moment. You may even find out about the secret history of a place from taking its subway. Each station in old cities such as New York sometimes have stories to tell. It is also cheaper, and it saves you from having to buy expensive tour tickets.

Discover some spooky history

Some believe that every city has its own supernatural history. For those who are so inclined, another fun way to find out about a city’s past is to take a haunted tour. This is especially apt if you are visiting a historic city such as Charleston. Haunted tours not only talk about legends and lore but also offer a glimpse into a city’s past by telling stories about plagues, crimes, wars, and the general atmosphere of the city in days gone by.

Go on a literary tour

Similar to a haunted tour, a literary tour can also take you deep into a city’s past and reveal a lot about its future. If you are interested in literature, look up some local authors before going to a destination and prepare by reading a book. You’ll find things more interesting. Who knows, maybe you can catch a reading or a book signing if you are lucky.

Do a social media search

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A more modern option for those who prefer to be in the know is to look up local events on social media and event websites. Are you interested in something niche, such as electronic music? Find events to attend nearby, which only locals would know about. This can reveal a side of a popular tourist destination that has never been seen or experienced.

Whichever way you choose to explore, it is important to remember that traveling is a time to let loose and allow yourself to gather new experiences. Make sure that you talk to locals and venture out of your comfort zone. Otherwise, it will be hard to experience a place to the fullest.

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