Vlogging 101: How to Start a Career in Vlogging


Vlogging 101: How to Start a Career in Vlogging

In the last decade, content creators have transformed vlogging into a lucrative career. Many started by uploading videos and building a fanbase out of the regular viewers. Some found instant fame when a video went viral. Either way, these content creators were able to monetize their ability to share their daily lives on-screen. But just because everyone can be a vlogger, doesn’t mean anyone can make a career out of it.

Much like any career, your success is dependent on your ability to perform. Additionally, you have to be able to offer something new to stand out from the competition. By preparing yourself for this world of video blogging, you can forge a path that will lead you to success.

Follow Your Passion

When you open Youtube, you’ll find several vlogs that cover different types of topics—from makeup tutorials and DIY home improvements to travel vlogs and prank shows. Although there is no right or wrong choice, you must tackle issues that you are interested in. Your passion for these topics will show through your videos. Viewers will see your genuine interest in these topics and the relationship they develop with you, and your vlog will be one based on trust.

Use the Right Equipment


If you want to pursue a career in vlogging, you will need to use the right equipment. These days, professional video tools and equipment are readily available to anyone. Decide on items based on the topics you plan to tackle. Travel vloggers often use drones because it surveys a wide area from above, giving viewers a clean overhead shot of the location. Makeup vloggers invest in professional lighting to make sure products are accurately portrayed in the video.

Create a Story

Storytelling is essential in most content, especially vlogging. Treat each video like a short movie or an episode of series. Create an outline for each vlog to keep you from straying too far from your main topic. Keep this near but out of frame when shooting so that you have a guide. As you improve your storytelling, you can enhance user engagement for your viewers.

Focus on Quality than Quantity

There is no standard formula for finding success in vlogging. Some achieve popularity overnight while others can spend years on Youtube and still have just a hundred subscribers. In your first year of vlogging, choose to focus on building a fanbase. That means creating valuable and engaging content. Aside from storytelling, study how to edit your videos like a professional. These will help you create high-quality vlogs that can attract an audience. Then, choose an uploading schedule that suits your pace. That will help you maintain quality throughout your vlogging career.

Success in vlogging relies on user engagement. When they browse video platforms, they are looking for content that is entertaining, informative, and relevant to what they need at that moment. Set yourself apart by focusing on creating videos that tackle topics you are passionate about. Continue to improve your skills in shooting and editing to enhance the quality of your vlogs. All of this can help you master the art form and monetize it for a career.

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