What Can Give a Room Manly Vibes? Here Are Some Ideas

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What Can Give a Room Manly Vibes? Here Are Some Ideas

There’s a common misconception that men care little about the design of their space. There might be some truth to it, as most focus on function over form. However, making an effort to make a space feel masculine but relaxing can help any guy manage their stressful days. Below are a few ideas when making your space feel masculine without being overbearing.

More Corners than Curves

Corners are traditionally associated with masculinity and curves with femininity. Opt for square or rectangular coffee tables as opposed to circular ones. Or even use shelving with emphasis on its horizontal lines.

Another idea is to use naturally-edged items as furniture. Use a pallet box as a corner table for a rugged and boyish look. Or use a high lamp with a square cover. By using furniture that has more edges than curves, you’re removing the need for additional design on your space and focusing on the overall layout of the room.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to eschew using curved objects or furniture in your space. That’s impossible, if not outright foolish. Instead, make corners the centrepiece of your design or use curves sparingly. Take, for example, a curved or “soft” sofa in front of a large and angular frame. It’s in the composition where you can get that macho feel to your design.

Dark and Neutral Colours and Wood and Metallic Texture

Nothing can dictate the feeling of a room more than its colour, making it one of the things you need to focus on. What you want for a masculine space are less bright and glossy colours and more neutral and sombre ones. Greys and whites can work; brown, dark red, and green also give off a masculine impression.

However, another aspect other than colours that you should never miss is texture. Ideally, you want a metallic sheen to most of the room. Another option is to go for a concrete design, giving off an industrial and brutal look. Finally, if you’re not too fond of the metal and concrete design, wood or wood grain can make your space feel masculine but welcoming.

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Strong Materials for that Strong Feel

Adding elements of steel, wood, glass, or leather to your room will increase its masculine features. These materials are meant to last. Not only will you not have to worry about replacing furniture too often, but it also adds to the image of integrity and a strong foundation in your space. However, be careful not to overwhelm the space with too many strong materials, or it will look stiff and feel unfriendly.

A good technique is to offset strong furniture with soft accent pieces. If you decide on a leather sofa and a glass top, steel base coffee table, try placing a carpet or rug underneath. The idea is to present the room in a way that expresses you to other people, not to make guests uncomfortable.

The Devil’s in the Details

To truly make a space that’s designed for the male senses, it’s best to focus on the details that comprise your space as a whole. Instead of focusing on smaller accessories, make the focus on larger furniture instead. Even a collection of toys can be given that gentlemanly feel if they’re put in a glass box grouped to form a piece of large glass furniture.

However, when using large furniture as a centrepiece for your space, make sure it’s symmetrical. Geometrical lines and patterns will help you a lot here, like vertical wine racks, a solid floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, or anything along those lines.

Another detail you don’t want to miss is the scent of your room. You don’t want a scent that smells too much of citrus, and neither do you want a smell that’s too “masculine,” as that’s better left off for perfumes. An ideal scent to go with is sombre and wood-based scents. Try out different fragrances early on to see what works.

But once you’ve found one that works best for you, consider buying that scents and fragrance oil in bulk as you would want to make that scent associated with your space. This will help you feel relaxed or get in the mood for your hobby as soon as you enter the room.

It’s important to understand that the masculine image does not have to be too stiff or limited when designing. Be comfortable in your interests, and display pop art or any collection if you desire. Don’t be wary of showcasing items that express the child in you, too. With all these ideas, remember to focus on what makes you comfortable in your space.

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