What Today’s Young Adults Want When It Comes to Personal Care


What Today’s Young Adults Want When It Comes to Personal Care

A few years back, businesses are focused on millennials. But now, Generation Z took over their spot and gained the attention of many industries, including the health and beauty industry. Millennials may still currently hold the title as the largest consumer group. But Gen Z’s buying power is one no business would not dare take for granted. Add that Gen Z is buying health and beauty products at an earlier age, makes them a desirable population to market to.

Reaching Out to Gen Z

Brands can reach out to today’s young adults, similar to how brands target millennials. They are the real digital natives who thrive online and are fond of doing online research. But they are not just relying on online reviews when buying the personal care products and services they want and need.

Gen Z trusts the recommendations of their family and friends. To make any health or beauty product look more appealing to today’s young adults, you want to keep a good reputation in the older generation’s eyes. If brands can maintain a good relationship with their past clients and entice them to recommend the brand to others, this increases their chance of gaining Gen Z clients.

Young adults these days are also incredibly educated. They use different technologies to learn more about a brand and what products and services they have to offer. They use different platforms like online forums and social media to get to know a brand, know the perks and drawbacks of their offers, and even the ingredient formulations behind every product available.

Thanks to their watchful eye, brands have no choice but to be more transparent to their consumers. Aside from simply selling the product, brands are now more focused on the kind of experience they can offer to Gen Z. From the choice of ingredients down to the unboxing, brands are trying to be more creative to make their brand more appealing to young audiences.

What Gen Z Wants

Generation Z Supports Sustainability

Generation Z is more willing to shed cash in exchange for sustainable products than the generation that came before them. They support brands that put sustainability in mind when sourcing ingredients and delivering services in their physical locations. They also want health and beauty products to be made from natural and more organic ingredients.

Before, most health and beauty products use lots of plastic packaging. Now, brands are using less packaging and are turning to eco-friendly materials. They are also increasing their online marketing efforts to reduce the impact of their marketing campaigns.

Sustainable soap

They Have Nostalgic Needs

Gen Z values personal connection. They do spend more time online but also like making real connections in real life. Nostalgic memories easily move them, and brands use this to evoke Gen Z’s feelings.

Take a look at how perfumes are marketed these days. Brands are not just focused on the unique smell of each scent. They use nostalgia in marketing the scent by bringing back memories every Gen Z appreciates and longs for.

Their Demand for Self-Expression

Gen Z wants to be heard and supported. They don’t like generalization and want brands to embrace diversity. This led many businesses to sell broader inclusively to include every race, age, body type, sexuality, etc.

They want everyone to be included and represented in some ways. They understand that everyone should be given a chance to express themselves, define their identity, and celebrate their uniqueness.

The Rise of Gen Z in Surgical and Non-surgical Procedures

Gen Z is embracing both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Their love of technology and willingness to try something makes them the ideal consumer group of beauty centers. Some are into lip fillers, breast augmentation, hair removal, and even effective skin tightening solutions.

Like other consumers, they have their own reasons for investing their money in beauty procedures. For Gen Z, they are not usually looking forward to changing their appearance drastically. Some want to look and feel better, and since beauty clinics are available here in abroad, they see no reason not to invest in themselves if they can afford them.

Gen Z is more open when it comes to their mental health. Many of them recognize that one way to address their mental health is by taking their personal care to the next level. This is one reason why many are willing to try going under the knife to improve their appearance.

Young adults grew up in a world where selfies are everywhere on social media. They want to look good in every photo they may appear in. This is why they are heavily invested in skincare, makeup, haircare, and more.

They also want to be able to express themselves freely. They showcase individuality and are learning from influencers they follow on social media. Since influencers are into surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, they also take this as a cue to be more open to such beauty trends.

Consumers become more demanding each year. Now that Gen Z holds the spotlight, they get to drive the health and beauty industry. They are changing how brands behave and have driven the industry to focus on sustainability, eco-friendliness, transparency, and more.

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