Lifestyle Check: Trends Men Are Embracing Mid-pandemic

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Lifestyle Check: Trends Men Are Embracing Mid-pandemic

Our lives took a quick turn when the pandemic started. Anxiety and stress levels are up, with more people getting sick and dying from the virus each day. With the Covid-19 crisis continuously affecting the world, many experts doubt if we can ever go back to the old normal. People try to cope in different ways, changing their lifestyle to make it more suitable to our current situation. As for men, many are seen embracing the following trends mid-pandemic.

Behind the Face Mask Fashion

Since everyone is encouraged to wear their face masks in public, we had to find other ways to still look and feel good behind their masks. This, in a way, helps in relieving our stress, boosting self-esteem, and creating a positive impression. If some women are focusing on their eye makeup, men are seen experimenting with their hairstyle.

While some are still rocking the man bun from 2015, some men are giving in to the new hype inspired by numerous celebrities and the characters they played. Take Kit Harington’s hair in Game of Thrones as an example. More men are inspired by the look and are asking for tousled, soft waves in exchange for their long man buns.

Even the K-pop world is making waves thanks to many idols rocking permed hair. In South Korea, many K-pop idols are wearing their hair in curly perms. This boosted the perm hype and now, men everywhere are either getting perms or are out buying their own revolving curling irons that they can use at home.

More Casual and Athletic Attire

Men are also seen taking a break from their dress shoes and usual office attire in exchange for more casual and athletic wear. Think of pants, shirts, and comfy shoes like loafers and running shoes. Even as some offices start to open up, many are seen dressing down their business casual.

Some women think they are the only one’s pressures to look good in the office. But unknown to many is that men also care about how they present themselves. But thanks to the pandemic, people are rethinking their priorities and are less likely to care about wearing the same thing over and over for as long as they feel comfortable and can work freely.

More people may be wearing athletic attire. But according to studies, more men are living a more sedentary life during the pandemic. This is especially true with those who used to be physically active before the crisis.

Experts recommend that everyone, especially men, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is since the male population is more affected by the pandemic. They contribute this to bad habits and preexisting conditions.

An Eye for Home Maintenance and Improvement

House upgrade

As more people stay indoors, homeowners found more time to find their homes needing the usual maintenance and repairs. Many set their goals of tackling the necessary maintenance and repairs by DIY-ing the projects. But aside from these projects, they are also focusing on other home improvements to ensure their house can best support their current lifestyle.

For one, some have started working remotely while others are now running their business from home. According to news, telecommuting boosted their productivity levels compared to women. To aid their remote work, many improved a part of their home.

Some are turning their garage or any spare into their home office. Others even built a shed to physically separate their home office from their house. This enables them to have some privacy and be able to focus on their job during work hours.

For some parents, they had to make sure their kids get to have a distraction-free space to study. They made a home office that doubles as a study area. Others opted to revamp their kid’s room to add a corner for their learning.

For those who used to go to the gym regularly, they chose to set up a home gym. Since gyms and Covid-19 don’t mix, they opted to create a space for fitness to continue where they left off. Even if gyms are slowly opening to the public, the experience will never be the same thus the increasing popularity of home gyms.

More homeowners are also investing in improving their outdoor space. Think of decks, patios, swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, and fence installations. Aside from giving their families more room to breathe and enjoy, they consider this as a great investment for these projects can improve their home value.

On Men’s Mental Health Risks

News both online and offline continues to remind us to practice safety precautions. The numbers of new cases and death rates each day add to our already high anxiety and stress levels. Add the fact that many are in a financial crisis only puts one’s mental health at risk.

Since men are often reluctant to speak about their mental health, experts fear that more of them will develop problematic symptoms. Experts urge people to voice their mental health concerns and find mediums they find comfortable to seek support from loved ones and the pros.

We all have different ways of coping during these unprecedented times. We try to change our lifestyle and behavior which can either help or worsen our state mid-pandemic. What’s important is that we try to focus on the things we have control over and to talk about our concerns instead of shirking away from the issue.

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