Working with Brand Advocates: Finding the Right People to Promote Your Business

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Working with Brand Advocates: Finding the Right People to Promote Your Business

Creating a buzz and stirring people’s emotions still proves to be an effective marketing strategy, especially for small business and startup company owners. In fact, it’s one of the most effective tactics in boosting brand popularity and enhancing business reputation. Thus, you need to make an effort to ensure that your marketing campaigns will tap your target audience’s curiosity. To do this, you need to develop strategies that will focus on getting people’s attention.

Keep in mind that you only need at least one person to notice your brand. If that particular person finds your brand interesting, they will likely share the word with other people. This simple concept may seem easy, but it can be quite complicated, especially if you start improving your brand’s popularity. If your brand is not even visible to potential customers, you won’t be able to convince people to trust your brand and your products and services.

One of the most challenging parts of drawing people’s attention is convincing people that your brand is trustworthy and offering high-quality products and services. This means, even if you design the most impressive marketing post, people will still doubt your brand, especially if it’s their first time hearing about your business. To address this issue, you can take advantage of marketing strategies to ensure that people will believe your advertising efforts.

Finding Advocates to Help Promote Your Brand

One of the best solutions for this is to partner with people who are willing to promote your brand. This means you have to gather brand advocates to market your products and services. Brand advocates are people who use word of mouth to promote your products and services. They often provide positive feedback about your brand. This leads to an increase in brand trust and eventually followed by a surge in the number of customers.

If you want to use brand advocates in promoting your business, you need to ensure that you trust the right people. This means you have to work with people who are genuinely willing to market your brand to the public. ; The following group of people can become your company’s brand advocates:

  • Customers—Satisfied customers automatically post positive feedback about the brands they love. You can take advantage of this fact and encourage them to continue sharing their satisfaction with other people, especially social media.
  • Employees—One of the best ways to get people to trust your brand is to take care of and prioritize your employees. If you treat them fairly and offer them excellent benefits, they will likely share positive feedback on your company. You can let them use custom logo workwear as well so they can lowkey promote your brand, especially outside the office. However, never force them to drop a positive comment on your website, especially if they feel uncomfortable about it.

Building an Excellent Relationship with Brand Advocates


After finding the right people, you have to know how to convince your brand advocates to stay loyal and dedicated to your brand. One of the best ways to do this is to build an excellent relationship with them. Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Keep in touch with your brand advocates—Communicate with your brand advocates regularly. Let them know about your new product releases or if you are planning to host an event. Doing this will keep them interested in checking out what else is in store for them.
  • Make people feel valued and appreciated—Ensure that people feel valued and appreciated, especially if they share positive things about your company. For instance, whenever they post a positive comment on your Facebook page, you can like their comment or post a simple and heartfelt thank you.
  • Give them rewards for their loyalty—Brand advocates do not depend on money to stay loyal. Most of the time, they only want your recognition and appreciation. To fulfill this need, try to write them a personal thank you note or send them a simple appreciation gift. You can also label them as customers or employees of the month. The key is to ensure that they feel your genuine happiness in having them as your loyal customers or employees.

Some companies think that they need to spend a huge amount of money to achieve effective marketing. However, you need to understand that you can create a buzz and grab people’s attention with affordable business tactics. You need to implement the right strategies in convincing people to become your brand advocates. Make customers and employees your partner in improving brand awareness and enhancing business popularity. Ensure that you prepare impressive rewards for these brand advocates so that they continue sharing positive reviews about your business.

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