Athlete’s Choice: The Modern Locker Room


Athlete’s Choice: The Modern Locker Room

The team’s locker room has been the scene of many dramatic moments in sports history. There have been grand celebrations held there, and sometimes, there are heated confrontations after a loss. In any case, it is now part of the mystique of sports history.

These days, the locker room is not just simply a place for the athletes to change into their team gear. It is already an extension of the team’s image. From the team logo to the locker design, the shower cubicles, professional teams in the U.S., New Zealand, or Europe have upgraded their locker room design as part of their branding.

Here are some features of a modern locker room that are the standard for professional sports:

High-Tech Features

The classic scene in the locker room where the coach has his chalkboard drawing out the plays has already been upgraded. Chalkboards became whiteboards, but even that is outdated. There are now video projectors and smart TV sets with touch screen display technology.

The coaches can easily review the video of the game, play it back in slow motion, and even make diagrams directly onto the screen to clearly illustrate their points. They can pull up any of footage at any part of the game, and the players can clearly see what they did wrong and what adjustment to make.

For the players’ lockers, technology also plays a part. Most of them no longer have writing instruments or paper. They communicate or converse through touchscreen tablets. The lockers would need to have video projectors installed, as well as facilities for charging in every locker. It is no longer enough to just place a couple of electrical outlets. It is also a must to have a Wi-Fi connection and other amenities to set the athlete’s mind to focus on the game.

Wide and Spacious

The crowded locker rooms are also a thing of the past. There are now wide and spacious locker rooms, which also serve as the venues for champagne-filled championship celebrations. You don’t want to give the impression that your team is a cheapskate.

Coaches can give inputs on how they want their locker room set up. They can fit them with the long aisles, benches, or seats. They can have sound systems to help them set the mood. The game is now more complicated and there are so many details. The locker room functions as their own “war room” or bunker where they devise their strategy.

There is also medical equipment in the locker room. For light sprains and cramps, the medical staff should be able to tape and treat the players, so they can return to the game.

Recruiting Pitch

Recruiting in college is a serious business since the acquisition of a top-ranked athlete would be enough to change the destiny of a team, and eventually, the entire school. That is why they want to show the culture of the school through the locker room.

This is a venue where the school can show off how their program can improve the player. That said, some locker rooms, like that of the University of Minnesota, which is located in the TCF Bank Stadium, is 160-feet long, since they also want to present the school’s achievements. It is also a haven for the prospect athletes in the cold Minnesota winter when recruiting is at its peak.

The locker room is no longer a hidden place. There are interviews and press conferences done in the locker room and, therefore, there is a need to make it as modern and presentable as possible.

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