The Best Island Beaches to Spend your Vacation

relaxing view from an island

The Best Island Beaches to Spend your Vacation

Planning for a vacation on a beach island but have no clue where to go? Daydreaming about relaxing on white sandy beaches with the people you love is something that is common, but have trouble turning it into reality.

If you are having second thoughts and struggling about which beach island is the best vacation spot for you, then perhaps this list could help you! Here are some of the best island beaches in the world.


Koh Samui Island in Thailand is world-famous for its many white-sand beaches and clear waters, and one of the famous ones is Chaweng Beach. This is considered to be the busiest part of Koh Samui with an active nightlife with bars and restaurants scattered everywhere.

Yes, this is also where the world-famous k-pop group BLACKPINK, spent their vacation in their series ‘BLACKPINK TV’! The girls of BLACKPINK seemed to have an unspoken curse with them since they bring rain everywhere they go.

But they pulled through with their vacation and enjoyed parasailing, riding a banana boat, and explored the lively nightlife of Chaweng Street. So if you want to spend your vacation like k-pop superstars, then maybe this is the best option for you!

However, if you worry about not being able to stay precisely where BLACKPINK stayed (because of obvious reasons), there are many villa rentals in the area of Koh Samui available at affordable prices that you wouldn’t have to worry looking. After all, It’s the thought that counts, right?


white sand with two seats and an umbrella by the beach

Recreate scenes from the iconic movie, Eat, Pray, Love located at the southern peninsula of Bali, Indonesia. Find your inner peace and achieve your beach nirvana where spirituality is infused in all the daily aspects of life there.

You may also enjoy some traditional practices while enjoying your stay and allow yourself a little bit of ‘soul searching’ with the locals during the process. In fact, a companion would be the least of your concerns since the search for Kayak in Bali spiked up to 65% in 2019, landing its number two spot in the top trending destinations for this year.


Known for its dramatic blue waters, gorgeous beaches, lagoon hideouts, sandstone cliffs, El Nido should definitely make it as one of your top spots to visit in the Philippines. This place is not only Instagram worthy but a perfect place for couples, friends, and families to have a relaxing vacation.

El Nido has often been listed in many travel experts’ lists as one of the best beaches in the world, so you surely wouldn’t want to miss it. It is impossible to choose just one beach, since El Nido is home to at least 50 white sand beaches, and it continuously ranks high at the Readers’ Choice Awards.

The sunsets are so captivatingly beautiful, and the water is so blue and clear that it rivals the Caribbean Sea.

There are lots of gorgeous beaches in the world that you would get tired endlessly when you choose to explore them, but maybe these three will be a good start!

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